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Readhead, Red Hair, Girl, Over Sized Denim Jacket

Hi I'm Charley. A twenty-three year old social media-obsessed digital marketer, web designer and videographer based in Kingston upon Hull - and that's just the day job. In my spare time I read mountains of books and drink one too many cups of coffee. I can most often be found hiding under a blanket binge watching PLL, AHS, TVD or Supernatural. Kudos if you knew all the acronyms.

I started my beauty blog in 2013 - formerly known a Rambling of a Beauty Bloggerand it's the best decision I have ever made. Blogging has spurred on photography skills, lead to many sleepless nights of learning to code and lead me to some great social media freelance jobs. It even changed my career from potential psychologist to digital marketer. So, if you're here finding out how to become part of this awesome blogging community, I urge you to jump in with both feet.

My blog, Charley Lucy, is a reflection of my style which varies from day to day, just like me. Though it often includes one too many black items and a generous helping of red lipstick. Blogging makes my life exciting and drives me towards new opportunities; from getting to meet and make friends with some fantastic new people all around the world, to attending incredible events, meeting other bloggers and pitching marketing campaign ideas. I cannot thank the wonderful, supportive community enough.

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