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Hygge Christmas Gift Guide: 2017

Do you still need to purchase a few last-minute holiday gifts? Me too! In racking my brain for what final gifts to buy for friends and family I've come up with the perfect hygge-inspired gift guide for Christmas 2017. So sit back, relax and let me help you out.

Hygge Christmas Gift Guide 2017
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A Good Coffee Table Book

This year, I've picked up far too many books to mention - admittedly most on Audible, another great gift suggestion. I'll leave you with a few dip-in-dip out recommendations, perfect to skim whilst you're stealing 15 minutes to yourself:
  • Humans of New York
  • The Princess Saves Herself in this One
  • Read this if you want to take great Photographs
  • The Little Book of Hygge
  • The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy
  • Harry Potter: A History of Magic

Noozie Bottle Review, Noozie Hot Water Bottle Red, Electric Hot Water Bottle Review, Rechargeable Hot Water Bottle Review

Make 'em Toasty

Red Noozie Bottle*
If someone presented me with a Noozie electronic hot water bottle this Christmas, I'd be overjoyed. Because then I'd have two and maybe, just maybe, I could make it one evening without it being commandeered by my boyfriend... It takes just 10 minutes to fully charge the bottle - whilst you hide under the duvet - and it stays toasty for anywhere between two and four hours. When I took it with me on my snowy commute it's at the lower end of the scale but when I was cuddled up with a Bailey's hot chocolate and a blanket it's at the upper end.

The Noozie Bottle* is great for spoonies, gym buffs and elderly relatives too! As it's the perfect size to pop on sore muscles without being weighty. I've used mine across various areas of my back and neck to help with my fibro pain and sore muscles from a round of trigger point injections. I don't think you can go wrong with buying someone a Noozie Bottle* for Christmas!

Noozie Pebble Review, Noozie Pebble Review Pink, Noozie Electronic Handwarmer Review, Electronic Handwarmer Review

Give the Gift of Extra Battery, with a Twist

Pink Noozie Pebble*
I was also lucky enough to get to try out the Noozie Pebble* which doubles as a handwarmer/3500mah phone charger. To give you an idea of how strong that is, a fully charged Noozie Pebblewould charge my iPhone 7 Plus 1.2 times. As someone who is still getting used to their phone not dying throughout the day - RIP iPhone 6 - I usually carry my bulky 5000mah bank with me. So it's nice to opt for something smaller and sleeker with a dual functionality as a hand warmer. I was pleasantly surprised at just how quickly the Noozie Pebble* heated up and just how warm it got! I've used it on my walk to work, in the car tucked into my coat, in the office on a frosty Monday morning and slipped between my back and chair as a low-key pain reliever, it's just so versatile!

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Like most women my age, I purchased a Himalayan salt lamp because it looked hella trendy on the Urban Outfitters Instagram page. Since then I've shifted it from my bedroom to my office and use it to create a warm, calming and hygge environment and negating the need for harsh light before bedtime. It's not quite bright enough to read by but makes the great accompaniment to a cup of sleepy tea and a good podcast. Here are a few recommended podcasts to download.

Hygge Christmas Gift Guide 2017 2

Essence Scented Candles

Continuing the hygge theme, these Essence Scented Candles from B&M would make the perfect stocking-stuffer. Honoured in the UK as Bath and Body Works dupes, these stylish candles smell great and last forever. This year I picked up Pumpkin Waffle and Marshmallow Fireside after I burnt through Maple Leaf last winter.

Pamper Power

Everyone needs a bit of a pamper, especially in the harsh, colder months and L'occitane have plenty of Christmas gift ideas for women to suit all budgets. My picks would be the Handy Shea Tin for secret santa and The Best of L'occitane Collection, for someone you'd like to spoil. Plus, they're currently giving away a free gift with every purchase over £35 on their website.

Make sure to leave you gift recommendations in the comments below!

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