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How to never miss a PR request on Twitter

How to never miss a PR request on Twitter, Blogger Request, Journo Request, Working with PRs, Blogging, Blogger

Never miss out on a pr requests again with this simple 15-minute trick.

I've just made it easier for myself to keep tabs on over 100 PR and communications agencies I know work regularly with bloggers. Are you ready to find out how I did it?

If you're already following the accounts you'd like to keep track of, which I'm guessing most of you will be, I recommend starting by using a Twitter follower tool like Statusbrew to search the account you follow for the terms 'pr' or 'journo'. Most free Twitter search tools aren't sophisticated enough to exclude terms, so you'll pull through a few 'PR friendly' bloggers in the process. But, chances are, it'll be far less tedious than scrolling through your everyone you're following...

And, in case you don't follow any PRs, here are some hashtags to get you started:

Stats correct as of 6th December 2016.

Let me know in the comments if you know of anymore and I'll add them to the list!

Once you've got your list in front of you, you're going to need to create a Twitter list of the account which you can do by visiting your profile page > lists > create new list on either desktop or mobile. Add each account by visiting their profile, clicking the three dots next to their username and selecting 'add to list'. Easy, right?

You can then add your newly created Twitter list to TweetDeck, scroll through it on your phone or, my personal favourite, use the find function on Chrome to search for the term 'bloggers' to pull up any requests from PRs and journalists. If you'd like to get a little fancier, tools like IFTTT can also add these tweets to a Google spreadsheet or your perusal or notify you when users on the list use certain terms.

Are you going to set up your own PR Twitter list?

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