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Travel-Friendly Summer Skincare - whatever the Weather!

We Brits know that summertime doesn't always equal sunshine and with the ever-changing forecast, it's difficult to know what skincare products to pack for a summer getaway. Do I need a higher SPF? Can I handle foundation in this heat? What is my skin doing in this weather?!

In this post I talk you through three travel-friendly skincare products that I've been using in a rotation with the weather to keep my skin feeling moisturised, looking radiant and, most importantly, protected from the sun this summer.

Nivea Daily Essentials Tinted Moisturising Day Cream in Natural

During my teenage years, I was obsessed with the Nivea Young range's tinted moisturiser, that saved me from precious months of Dream Matte Mouse cakeyness. Back then I was blessed with almost acne-free skin and my basic makeup routine went something like: moisturiser, a dab of concealer, powder to set and a flick of mascara. It was a simpler time.

During the UK's recent heatwave, I couldn't stand the thought of wearing a heavy foundation but wanted a no-fuss product to help cover up any unevenness, so nipped into Boots to see if they still made it. Now repackaged as part of their Daily Essential line, Nivea's Tinted Moisturising Day Cream with SPF 15 is my favourite sunny day skincare solution, leaving my skin looking radiant and healthy and feeling moisturised. If you're jetting off on holiday this summer, I'd highly recommend taking their travel-friendly 50ml in your makeup bag for those no-makeup-makeup days sitting by the pool.

Piz Buin Ultra Light Dry Touch Face Fluid*

The Piz Buin Ultra Light Dry Touch Face Fluid* does exactly what it says on the tin. The formula is impressively matte and quick drying without leaving a white cast to the skin. Making it ideal for wearing underneath some light, summer makeup and, at 50ml, very beach-bag friendly. Plus, it doesn't hurt that the scent reminds me of summer. If I shut my eyes, I can almost imagine the sand beneath my toes...

Caudalie Vine Active 3-in-1 Moisturiser*

After raving about the Caudalie Overnight Detox Oil* a few weeks ago, I tested out the anti-pollution Caudalie's Vine Active 3-in-1 Moisturiser* from the same line. Designed for all skin types, this summer skincare product is a great all-rounder that works on normal to combination skin as it's lightly moisturising, sinks in fact and doesn't oxidise or move my makeup. However, I would advise those with dry skin to supplement it with a rich and nourishing night cream and I've experienced a few areas of flakiness. TMI?

What summer skincare would you recommend? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!

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