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The Foam Roller Workout for Chronic Pain

The Foam Roller Workout for Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia

As a spoonie, I understand the struggles of exercising with chronic pain. But what if you could reduce pain whilst working out? I talk you through my experience with a foam roller and just how much it's helped my pain and activity levels.

Recently I attended a chair pilates class to build up my muscle memory and improve my flexibility. As someone who has fibromyalgia, I find it difficult to get motivated to exercise and can sometimes suffer painful consequences as a result. But the class, held by my local Pain Clinic, really helped build my confidence and left me able to do things, like empty the bin, without getting the pain that usually follows. I even built a few cabinets on my own! If you're a spoonie too and can access a pain service where you live, I'd highly recommend enquiring what services they offer.

From the class, I was given a fitness band that I use to help stretch out my shoulders, arms and legs and have progressed to doing some light yoga stretching on my mat each week. But I wanted to try something more, I just wasn't sure what I would be helpful. It was around this time that a Youtuber I subscribe to, Invisible I, posted a video about how foam rollers had helped her fibro foot pain so I purchased one on Amazon and Youtubed a quick workout by Christine Salus to try.

The foam roller workout consists of rolling your body across the foam roller to provide relief from tension as the different, usually textured, areas of the roller work your muscles. I now use my foam roller whilst I'm catching up on my Youtube sub box for around 5-10 minutes every other day or when I notice a tight or aching sensation in my legs or lower back, where my fibro pain usually sits. I usually notice an immediate relief after my session, with the pain in my legs disappearing altogether. Although I haven't been able to master the movement to help my target area of my upper back, for that, I've always got my percussion massage and TENS machine.

Have you used a foam roller in your workout before? Let me know in the comments below!

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