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Car Boot Haul: Cameras Lenses, Alex Drawers & Gel Polish

Ever since I was little, I have loved going to a good car boot. They were a Sunday morning ritual at my house, even if I did tend to moan about the lack of lie-in! From getting secondhand kids toys to a library's worth of books, clothes and home ware for my student house. I have always loved hunting for a hidden gem.

Though, since I move to Hull I have yet to find another car boot quite as good as the ones that surround my hometown. So am always grateful, when visiting my parents, of the 6:30am start and it looks like I'm not the only one from the amount of you who liked my tweet!

Here's what I bought this past week.

Car Boot Haul - Camera Lenses, Manual Focus Secondhand Lenses, AF Canon Lens

Camera Lenses

Over the past five or so years, I've amassed quite the collection of manual lenses, usually from film cameras, collected from the car boot. Buying good quality second-hand lenses is a great money-saving hack when it comes to photography as you can often cheat the look of a much more expensive auto-focus lens by using it's analogue counterpart and an adaptor. Top tip: If you can't get to a car boot, there's always a selection on eBay, but beware of bidding wars with camera nerds like myself.

In this particular haul I picked up two film lenses and two dated AF Canon-compatible lenses to add to my collection:

  • Front left - Super Paragon F2.8 28mm Macro Lens (£1.50)
  • Front right - Canon EOS Zoom AF Lens 55mm F4.5-56 II (£5)
  • Back left - Quantary AF 77mm F3.5-4.5 Lens (£5)
  • Back right - Hanimex Tele-auto F3.5 135mm Lens (£2)

I've yet to play around with them properly but can say the auto-focus on the old digital lenses just about works on my - only slightly less dated - Canon 600D, though I occasionally need to switch to manual before taking shot. I'll be taking each of them out for a proper whirl next week, follow my Instagram to see the results.

Elite 99 Gel Nail Polish

Elite 99 Gel Nail Polish

As I talked about here, I've recently purchased a gel nail kit and am loving the non-smudge effortless nails that last two weeks. When rummaging in one of the beauty bins at the car boot - I'm nosy okay? - I saw a handful of Elite 99 gel nail polishes and purchased a bundle of mattes, shimmers and glitter top coats for £3. It might not be the bargain of the century, but I doubt I'm going to be able to pick up another for 30 pence anytime soon. It's just the find I needed to expand my small gel nail polish collection.

IKEA Alex Drawers on Castors

Photo credit: IKEA

IKEA Alex Drawers on Castors

Admittedly, I picked up the IKEA Alex Drawers en route home from the car boot after I spotted them in the window of a local BHF Furniture shop on clearance for £30. They were in in such good condition, bar a little crayon. I couldn't just leave them, so plan to purchase new set of wheels and place them next to my clothing rail, making a flexible dressing room space in my small, L-shaped office and doubling as a blogging flatlay set up that gets great light from the nearby window. I'll be sure to take a snap on my Instagram once they're in place.

With the added value of the drawers, my total spend was £46.50, which is more than my typical week but less than half of the IKEA price tag alone. So, I'm pretty chuffed. Let me know what your best secondhand car boot and charity shop buys have been in the comment below!

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