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'Bare it All' with 'Rock Solid' Nails by Leighton Denny

'Bare it All' with 'Rock Solid' Nails by Leighton Denny

No, I'm not talking about that brand new summer bod. I'm talking about expert nail brand Leighton Denny's line of nail-enhancing polishes that are all about the base. Promising to strengthen, perfect and repair your nails.

Rock Solid Strengthening Treatment & Base Coat by Leighton Denny*

Rock Solid Strengthening Treatment & Base Coat* promised just that: rock solid nails. Which, as an ex-nail-biter, is very much appreciated. It's a clear, one coat strengthening treatment for all nail types that can be built up over time or applied underneath polish. I did the latter and finished off my at-home manicure with a couple of coats of Bare it All CC Base Coat in Beige*. But before I began to cover it up I noticed just how damn good my nails looked. My ridges appeared reduced and the glossy finish was just so classy.

Though I unfortunately just had the time for the one treatment before my at-home gel nail kit arrived, further fueling my current nail obsession, I only had one minor nail breakage that week, which is a win in my book. This is definitely one of those subtle polishes I'd recommend to those of who are still in school or who are unable to wear brightly coloured nail polish to work.

Bare it All CC Base Coat in Beige by Leighton Denny*

After reading that this nail polish was perfect for concealing discolouration, I'd expected the finish would be sheerer, so was impressed when the coverage of this cc base coat packed a punch when it came to pigmentation. The formula is one of my favourites in a nude - I generally find them too gloopy, too watery or unable to dry? - as it leaves you with a smooth, high gloss, a salon-worthy result that lasts a good few days without a chipping. On my fair skin, the tone sits a few shades darker than the colour of my nails but wouldn't look amiss as a lighter nude on a deeper tone.

The secret ingredient behind all this is allegedly Marula Oil which locks in moisture and smoothes the surface of the nail for an almost gel-like finish. Note to self: buy more Marula Oil-based polishes.

Let me know in the comments below that nail varnishes you've been loving recently, especially if they're gel!

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