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How to Maximise your Productivity as a Blogger

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Like many bloggers, I put a lot of pressure on myself for not being productive. For me, that means posting every day, replying to e-mails and mentions the same afternoon and producing Pinterest-worthy photos. This is probably why I've been known to fall out of love with my blog from time to time. I dislike the feeling of walking through the door and knowing, after a long day at work, I still and have posts to write, e-mails to reply to, photos to edit, SEO to fix, social to check and schedule before I can even think about having some down time.

Recently I got a new job and have found myself with oodles of spare time - alas, taken from my sleep schedule - on my commute, before work and during lunch time spare. So, instead of letting it go to waste I purchased a Chromebook and vowed to do better as a blogger. I seized those little bits of nothing time and turned them into something productive: a post schedule, a clean inbox, a bunch of new Twitter followers and some SEO-optimised copy. Want to find out how you can do this too? Keep reading.

The Alarm

Let's start easy: use this time to check what's trending on social media, reply to your notifications. In bed, of course and ideally with coffee in hand.

The Commute

If you commute to work via train or carpool, you can maximise this time by taking 10 minutes to jot down as many blog post ideas as you can. Think keywords, products you've just hauled, posts from other bloggers that have inspired you. Some ideas will be golden, others you'll never work on again. This way, you've always got a bank of ideas to reply on when the blogger's block hits. My favourite place to do this is the digital-hipster cafe a few minutes walk from my office. Watching others be creative is one of my favourite ways to get motivated.


Level 1: Check Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and any other social media platforms your blog is connected to. Being responsive is a big social media turn on.
Level 2: Use this time to check your phone and reply to blog-related e-mails in the hopes that you'll have a response by 5 pm that day so you can crack on with your latest collab that evening.
Level 3: If you own a portable laptop, tablet or bluetooth keyboard you can connect to your phone and are lucky enough to have an hour-long lunch break why not use this time once a week to write a blog post? I've found a spot just outside my office by the river works best. The lack of internet connection and time limit does wonders for your productivity and keeps procrastination levels to a minimum. No funny cat GIFs here.

Rush Hour

I detest slow moving cars almost as much as I detest slow walking people. Pop on a podcast, you can find my recommendations for bloggers here, and try and learn about a new technique, network or scheduling tool whilst your engine is idling.

The Evening

I'm a big believer in rewarding yourself after a busy day so grab a cuppa tea and put your feet up for a bit. No doubt, like me, you are hooked on the latest Love Island drama so pop on the tele, crack out the laptop and get to business. All the technical bits like SEO, alt tags, SPG and formatting can be checked later. See that? The hour you'd have wasted snuggled under a blanket on the sofa had just become your most productive blogging time today.

Schedule and edit what you can and then head to bed. Blogging should be fun and not seem like a chore. If you want a day off, take it!

The Weekend

Take all of the batch photos when there's good lighting. You'll thank yourself later.

I hope this post gave you a few ideas on how to maximise your productivity as a blogger. It's intended as a list of tips than a guide. I don't think I'll ever be able to live up to this standard of blogging goals every single day and I'm not sure I'd want to! I appreciate my downtime too much. Netflix anyone? But a solid two or three days a week using this method, and recycling wasted time, can transform your blog and social.

Be prepared, new content is on its way.

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