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A British Blogger’s Guide to Staycations*

This post features sponsored content by Point S Tyres.

Since the UK is currently hotter than Mordor, I decided that a post on staycations was in order. We Brits do love to complain about the relentless heat/rain/snow, it’s about time we learnt to embrace it.

Staycations are stay-at-home vacations. Instead of jumping on a plane you can usually hop in your car to a nearby city and explore what it has to offer. It’s a way to make your weekends travel-filled without the hassle of a typical holiday - catching flights, jet lag, breaking the bank - and, in this heat, will feel just as exotic. For those of us spoonies, staycations can also be an accessible way to experience new places without wearing yourself out.

1) Book

Indecisive about where to go? I’d recommend downloading Lucky Trip - an app that allows you to set your date and budget and generates a somewhere to go, somewhere to stay and something to make you happy whilst you’re there. I could - and have - wasted hours flicking through long weekends in Brazil, lazy Sundays in the south of France or a range of city breaks right here in the UK.

Alternatively, you can ask the lovely bunch of travel bloggers on Twitter, pick up a leaflet or two from the train station, browse Air B&B or close your eyes and put your finger on Google maps.

Screenshot from the Lucky Trip app.

2) Pack

Great, you’ve picked a place and booked the tickets! Now you wait. Right up until the last minute in fact, when I always seem to wait until to pack my bags. It doesn’t help that I am the mother of over-packing, being more inclined to unhook the kitchen sink “just in case” than pack light. Below you’ll find a slimmed-down list of what I class as my essentials that I’d never leave behind:

Phone, portable battery, chargers and headphones.
iPad full of Netflix downloadable shows and a good book - just in case!
Sunscreen, hand cream, coconut oil, deodorant and toothbrush.
Concealer, brow product and mascara.
Clothes for every kind of weather the forecast threatens (plus an extra bra, pair of socks and undies).
A spare pair of comfy shoes.
A mini first-aid kit.

3) Travel

Trains turn me into a ball of anxiousness. What if I’m late? Have I triple checked my tickets? Oh no, where’s my Railcard? Am I on the right platform? What if I I board the wrong one? Now that I can drive, I skip the fuss and drive wherever possible, which gives me a bit more flexibility. I can also get together the best playlist of summer songs, blast the air conditioning and sing at the top of my lungs. However, it’s important to make sure your car is safe to drive before setting off.

Top up your screenwash. It may not seem like a big deal but you do not want to notice you’re out whilst you’re stuck behind a messy lorry on the motorway. Visibility is everything.

Double check your tyre pressure and tread, making sure there are no punctures before you set off. I had an unfortunate incident where my local garage left a spanner locked into place and rubbing against my wheel, which could have resulted in a nasty blowout. In need of a new tyre? You can reserve your tyres in Solihull and other areas from Point S at great prices.

Don’t risk it, take care of yourself. Make sure to cool the car down as much as you can before getting in so that touching the wheel and other controls are bearable. Take a water bottle, stop for regular rest breaks, avoid driving in heat if you don’t have air conditioning and wear some sunscreen - the glass does nothing to protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

4) Enjoy

Put your phone on silent, grab a cocktail and have fun!

Let me know where you’ll be staycationing this summer in the comments below.

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