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5 Quick Social Media Tips you can Start Today

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Struggling with your social media strategy as a blogger or small biz? Here are five quick and easy tips I've learnt from marketing to 18-25-year-olds.

Exciting news blog readers! I just got a new job as a Social Media Executive which means I'm currently 50 pages and 14 days deep into writing my digital marketing hand over covering everything from social media scheduling to web design, e-mail marketing, filming tips and video editing preferences. Passing on my technical know how is oddly satisfying so, I thought I'd put some of it on the blog for you to read too! Today's topic is quick social media tips.

In a recent social media marketing podcast I was listening to I found it takes just 50ms to make a first impression - that's just 0.05 of a second. This back up so much of the short and sweet content marketing I have done in my role as a Digital Comms Co-ordinator. With so much content out there, the internet generation - one moment whilst I cringe inwardly at myself - is becoming increasingly good at deciding what content they want to engage with and what they'll pass on. Time is short, people. So, how do you convince them to read on?

Make it Short and Sweet

Cut the rubbish, it's quite simple. Young people don't want to read fancy linking words or elaborate introductions they want the facts with an adjective or two thrown in. Groundbreaking research or stress-busting BBQ sound so much better. The first thing I do when I receive social media copy is to brutalise it, pull out the facts and repackage it in ideally 140 characters or less, Facebook-inclusive.

It's all in the Image

Remember those 50ms it takes to form a first impression? This shoots down to 13ms when you include an image, such us some promotional material (not too wordy!) GIF or picture. I rarely tweet without them when I'm promoting a post or event. It's just not worth it! I bet the reason some of you are here right now is because of my hella trendy image I created using Canva and not MS Word.

Cat typing, laptop keyboard GIF
Hands down, the best GIF in existence. Credit: @Aaron.

Scheduling is Everything

If you don't use Hootsuite, Tweet Deck or Buffer - how do live?! Social media scheduling services the equivalent of helpful social media elves that spread your updates far and wide whilst you're doing other things like working, sleeping or having some me time binge-watching 13 Reasons Why on the sofa. The above three are free to use, with some paid options, and are a great starting point for upping your social media game.

Repost, Repost, Repost

Your followers are people too. They, like you, are not always online and consequently, they miss a lot of your updates, even when you're posting at the right time. You can use Followerwonk (Moz) for free to find out when works bets for you. Believe it or not, the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram algorithms help you out here. Having a 'What you've missed' section means that those followers who engage with you are more inclined to see your updates when they return.

However, you can help this process along by, for example, re-buffering your old and well-performing posts on Buffer or automatically share old posts to your social media using a Wordpress plugin. In an ideal world, each tweet would be nicely re-worded and repackaged to reach a different audience who is on at a different time of day but, in reality, who has the time?!

Listen More, Talk Less!

I find social media is at its best when people are positively interacting with each other. For example, there's a handful of accounts close to the one I manage at work that are the punniest hidden gems. Plus, the free promo never hurts. Go get yourself some Twitter groupies be that bloggers, super-fans of your store or other small businesses and build some relationships!

That's it from me for today, I hope you found this post helpful and would love it if you could share your social media tips in the comments below. Let's help each other out!

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