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February Favourites: 2017

I'm not mentally ready for it to be March yet. To me, February always feels like a bit of a filler month. You can't really take holiday because you've just been off for Christmas, the weather is still sucky and grey and horrible for blog photos and everyone's still keen to keep to their resolutions so not much social activity happens. Obviously you've got Valentine's day stuck right in the middle there, but it's never really been my cup of tea. So, for me, February is a month for hibernating, decluttering and trying new things. Here's some of my favourites I've discovered this month:

Laundry B Frill Boho Blouse Cream


Frill Boho Blouse // Laundry B*

This month I stepped out of my comfort zone in terms of fashion with this breathtaking Frill Boho Blouse from Laundry B*. Modern twists on the traditional white shirt are going to be a big trend for spring. Whether that be embroidery, synching or cut outs. This beautiful specimen features a high lace collar and detailing, elegant bell-sleeves and a dropped waist - that, might I add, is perfect for hiding a food baby. It's one of those versatile pieces that can be dressed up with a fur jacket and a pair or heels or dressed down with some sleek sandals, pair of comfy leggings and a fedora.


Aldi Marble and Copper Vintage Lamp

Recently, I've been just itching to switch up my interior decor. I'm talking repainting, retiling and redoing everything from the ground up. Trouble is, I'm currently renting and it's driving me insane! So, instead of reaching for the hammer, I've been saving so many beautiful inspo images on Instagram, hunting for accessories and window shopping various textures and patterns for my next living space. It seems to be working, for now...

Playing on our love for copious amounts of copper and marble, this vintage-inspired faux Marble and Copper Lamp from Aldi has featured in blogger Instagram stories far and wide. I purchased it after coveting this very similar model on Amazon. Not only does it scream chic, industrial decor but the light is pleasant and extremely hygge when I'm up late jotting down blog post ideas. Though it's currently sitting on my desk, I can't help thinking it would make the perfect lamp for a reading nook. Alongside a squashy pillow, cosy blanket and overstuffed bookcase.


Blogger Help Posts

This month I have loved writing blogger help posts! If I'm honest I'd been feeling a little lost in the world of beauty at the beginning of the month so started to wrack my brain for other content I enthused about that would make an interesting read and continues my Blogging Hacks series. I'm a true nerd at heart. From basic SEO to great apps for photography, coding tips to stock photos. I'm trying to cover just a little bit of everything to help out those who search for it. You can read the entire series here.


How to Get Away with Murder

This month my favourite binge-wroth show has been ABC's How to get Away with Murder. Though, I also tuned into The Fresh Prince, Cuckoo, The OA, Lucifer and Are you the One? It's the right mix of lawyer that I loved in The Good Wife - coincidentally also finished this month - and straight up Rosewood drama to fill the gap PLL has left behind as I, along with the rest of the young female population, eagerly anticipate the last few episodes. If you're looking for some serious drama with a few twists and turns, this show is for you. I cannot wait for season three to come out on Netflix!

Harry Potter Potterhead Audiobook Prisoner of Azkaban Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Making Chores Less Boring:

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

I've just finished listening to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for the umpteenth time. Twenty-nine hours of commuting, laundry and cooking time well spent. I'd completely forgotten the Percy storyline, Ginny's kickass attitude to dating and just how much I love the Weasley twins. Though, I must admit I still don't ship Harry and Cho. The whole storyline, especially the darker books, roll on Half-blood Prince, is just as magical as the first time I've read it and now I get to do it over and over again with Audible. Coincidentally, I've also been binge watching the lovely Lana on Youtube as she visits Universal, platform 9 and 3/4 and hauls the most amazing Harry Potter merch. A must-watch channel for any potterhead.

Upping the Chocolate Biscuit Game:

Border Milk Chocolate Gingers

Holy moly. Border's award-winning Milk Chocolate Gingers have knocked my beloved Chocolate Digestives off my biscuit top spot for good. They're satisfyingly chocolatey with a kick of spicy and refreshing ginger that goes perfectly with a quiet cuppa tea. I get how #spon this sounds, but I really do just enjoy these biscuits! Actually, they're my favourite adulting biscuit of choice. Read: eat one, or two and put the packet back in the cupboard like the elegant and restrained, grown woman I am.

New in Beauty Haul, Makeup Haul, Smashbox Cover Shot Eye Palette Ablaze, Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Matte Lip Kit, Liquid Lipstick


Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Matte Lip Kit

Every blogger has raved over these suspected Kylie Lip Kit dupes this month. I've briefly talked about them here and have to say that, after a few weeks of use I tend to just go straight for the liquid lipstick and negate the liner completely. My favourite shade to wear is Noble. The formula is just so comfortable. Though I find the darker two from my haul - Glory (brown), Magnificent (dark green) - have a slight tendency to ball up later on in the day. Still, for just #6 per kit I'd say that six hours of wear is more than admirable. Wouldn't you? Have you tried any of the new Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Matte Lip Kits?

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