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Surviving Sick Days: Self-Care

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Last week, I had to take two days off sick due to a horrendous cold/flu mutant virus decided to take hold the minute I said "I'm too busy to get ill". It left me stressed, bed-bound and unable to focus. But guess what? The world is still spinning. Below are my tips for surviving sick days and focussing on self-care. Get that out of office ready, you're going to need it.

Accept it

Skip the four other stages and move right to acceptance, you are sick. Put on that out of office and give up. Turn off the social media notifications, emails, alarms, calendar reminders and mute your phone if you have to. Stress is only going to make things worse.

Stay Indoors

By leaving the house you'll 1) feel worse and 2) probably infect the rest of your co-workers, neighbours and/or local school children. So, just do everyone a favour, draw the curtains and stay indoors. And, under no circumstances answer the door in your scruffy pyjamas you haven't changed in a day, Rudolph-red nose and Hagrid hair to pick up a neighbour's parcel. Beg and borrow all of the medication you need and stock up on tissues before you start reaching for the loo roll.

Do what you can

From Netflix to staring at the ceiling, audio books to mumbling obsceneties at your lack of ability to sleep. Spend this time how you will. If you can do something constructive, like read a book, good for you. If all you can muster is a starfish? That's fine too. Don't beat yourself up for being unproductive, you're ill, you get a free pass today.

Wallow and appreciate

Very rarely is it okay in my books to wallow in self-pity. Now is now one of those times. Go get your small violin and play, play, play. Reminisce how you underappreciate your sense of smell and ability to stand without getting a head rush and promise you'll never, ever be unappreciative again. Even though we all know you will.

Have a cheeky peek at the inbox (if you must!)

If you're like me and tend to worry about the impossible. For example: you have 400 e-mails, your out of office didn't set, you missed some last minute super urgent thing or the building has burnt down in your absence.... STOP. Wait until work hours are over and do a quick skim read over the subject lines. If there's nothing high on your priority list, it can wait until you're healthy again.

Take the time you need

This is something I'm struggling with right now as a person. I tend to think I'm superwoman and can take on all the extra hours without consequence. This obviously isn't true, especially when you suffer from ME, like I do. Now I'm lucky enough to have a friend who nags me to worry about myself. So, if you think you'd be better off with the extra day, take it. You're only good if you're health and your co-workers are too.

What tips do you have for surviving a sick day?

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