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Lazy Girl Skincare Routine

Lazy Girl Skincare Routine, Acne, Quick Fix Exfoliating Scrub Mask, Nip+Fab Exfoliate Glycolic Night Pad Extreme

I wish I'd paid attention to this ten years ago. My skin is, more often than not, a bumpy and inflamed mess thanks to hormones and my on again, off again attitude to skincare. Sometimes, a girl just needs to go to sleep.

Though, I've rarely ever slept in my makeup - ngl, mainly because of the mess it would make on the pillow - I have been known to use a single face wipe as my entire nighttime skincare routine. This is because of three main reasons 1) laziness, 2) staying up until I am ready to drop, 3) resigning to the fact that it doesn't matter what I do, the hormones will get me.

Slowly but surely, over the past couple of years, I've managed to develop something that resembles a skincare regime - watch my last attempt here. And only used a makeup wipe or Makeup Eraser Towel to remove stubborn liquid lipstick before a thorough cleanse.

But sometimes, I just cannot be bothered to turn on my facial cleansing brush or wait for my aloe vera gel to dry before my head hits the pillow. I want a one-step product to leave my skin feeling fresh and, in my quest to find one, have discovered a magical skincare secret: the key to great skin is exfoliation.

Mask, scrub, pads or chemical. My little hormonal bumps now cower in fear at my weekly exfoliating mask and daily scrub. Likewise the chemical exfoliants Nip and Fab's Glycolic Fix Extreme Night Pads for when I'm feeling fancy. Sometimes the difference it noticeable straight away, other times I notice three days later when I'm absentmindedly applying less concealer than I usually do.

If you've clicked on this post because you suffer from adult or teenage acne, I'd also recommend trying the Acne Ultra Clear: Natural Acne Treatment* I spoke about in my previous skincare routine to combat extreme breakouts.

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