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Instagram Algorithm: A Silver Lining for Content Creators

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Although the latest Instagram algorithm seems like it's raining on blogger's parades - spoiler: it is. There are a few silver linings for the smaller content creator.

For those of you suffering from these recent changes, you can skip ahead to the next paragraph to discover the upside. Instagram changed their algorithm majorly back in summer 2016, stating that the majority of users missed many important updates and they wanted to prioritise the moments the algorithm flagged as interesting to you. In short, they prioritise those people whose photos you like, comments on and whose feeds you visit. Which, in theory, sounds great but in practice has cost many their growth.

The main benefit of the new algorithm is that people who engage with you are more likely to see your posts. Which is great for your loyal following, they get to see the posts they love - your posts -without having to see thirty-six other "perfectly timed" posts clogging up their feed.

Speaking of "perfectly times posts", there is no longer a perfect time to post on social media. Any social media. Which levels the playing field for newer bloggers. For more experienced bloggers, if you Instagram analytics are telling you that 6 pm on a Tuesday is the perfect time to post because that's when your following is online, take it with a pinch of salt. As you know from your feed, posts can appear hours or even days after their initial upload which shatters the prospect of easy engagements.

Think of Instagram distributing images to different feeds at different times, as taking on some of your social media scheduling work by targeting more people. Not everyone is going to be scrolling through their Instagram feed at 6 pm on a Tuesday evening. So, by doing this Instagram is actually allowing a limited but wider range of your loyal following to view your content throughout the day.

Silver linings aside, I'm sick of this preferential social dystopia we now live in. If you're prioritising the updates I care about most, then why does Donal Trump feature on my feed so much?

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