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Happy Galentine's Day: Free Desktop Wallpaper Download

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and to celebrate I've created a free, downloadable Happy Galentine's Day Wallpaper for those of you who want to share the #girlboss love this February 14th. Or, you know, any day of the year...

Personally, I'm one of those scrooges who doesn't celebrate Valentine's Day - though I do appreciate the colour scheme. To me the idea of squeezing all the love you have for a person in one single day seems immeasurably hard. This paired with the hike in prices, my dislike of flowers - can't we just let them live out their pretty lives in the ground? - alcohol or see-through undies leaves me completely turned off to the whole loved-up industry.

Don't take it personally though, you do you and go enjoy your heart-shaped chocolates, prosecco and roses whilst I cook pizza, stay in and play video games with my boyfriend in my koala onesie. Each to their own.

How will you be celebrating this Valentine's Day? For more free downloadable, blogger tips and beauty tricks - don't forget to subscribe to my brand new newsletter by clicking here.

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