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Makeup Brush Cleansing: Four Ways

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From your hand to the Real Techniques Cleansing Palette, I talk the pros and cons of makeup brush cleansing so you can get the best clean for your buck. Over the years there's been four gadgets I've used to clean my brushes read: when I started to clean my brushes that is. I must have owned my first proper set for *cringe* years before I found out how to properly clean them. Yikes.

Method #1: The Trusty Hand

A perfectly acceptable way to clean your brushes is to use your hands with a few drops of brush cleaner or ordinary soap. I personally use a large bottle of Dr Bronner's Peppermint Castile Liquid Soap that will most likely outlast the brushes in my collection. However, I've read a few posts that say cheap, ordinary bars of soap will work just as well if you're just starting out. You then wet the brush, add a few drops of soap to the palm of your hand, swirl, rinse and repeat. -  being careful to avoid getting water at the join of the bristles and handle, as this may loosen the glue and cause shedding

I use this same technique across the rest of the post.

Pros: It's free.
Cons: Time consuming. Depending on the size of your collection - or the dirtiness of your burshes! - it can make your hands quite raw and chapped.

Method #2: Makeup Brush Cleaning Glove

After a few incredibly dry hands, I decided to up my game and try a brush cleansing glove. You can pick up a really cheap one on eBay for 99p, but I know other brands like Makeup Revolution have them too. In my case, the cheap eBay makeup brush cleansing glove, fitted onto my middle three fingers and allows me to clean anything smaller than a blush brush with ease. But became a bit fiddly when using my bigger brushes like my Real Techniques Powder Brush. Overall it gave a much better clean than my hand, thanks to the ridges moulded into the glove.

Pros: Cheap and effective.
Cons: Time consuming.

Method #3: Makeup Brush Cleansing Spray

Brush cleansing spray is still a staple in my collection. I mainly use it for swapping between colours without having to change my brush, making it the perfect travel companion. Just spritz a spray or two - depending on the brush size - directly onto the brush and wipe across a paper towel until the deposit becomes clear.  Unfortunately, it won't do to cleanse your entire collection. Can you imagine how much paper towel you'd need?! My favourite budget brush cleaning sprays are by Makeup Revolution, and P.S Love... at Primark.

Pros: Allows you to swap between colours without using multiple brushes. Great for travel.
Cons: Time consuming. Messy. Not very environmentally friendly.

Method #4: Makeup Brush Cleaning Mats

Brush cleansing mats have changed my life. I'd personally recommend the Real Techniques Cleansing Palette as it's easy to use and incredibly robust. However, as per, there's also an eBay makeup brush cleansing mat for ~£1.30 that you can suction into the bottom of your sink that would work well for eye brushes. Though I'm not sure it'd be up to the task of your stippling foundation brush. These work like using your hand, however the added texture to the base of the mat allows for a deeper clean that's not only time saving but helps keep your brush bacteria free.

On my first brush cleaning session with the Real Techniques Cleansing Palette - to the Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets audiobook - I cleaned two thirds of my collection in half of the time it used to take me to do a quarter. It's that good.

Pros: Really quick. Give a great clean.
Cons: Not enough time to listen to Harry Potter.

What technique do you use to clean your makeup brushes?

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