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iPhone Apps to Kickstart your 2017

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From working out to apps that encourage new habits and healthy eating. Here's how you can stick to your New Year's Resolutions and kickstart your 2017.

Get Organised

Aside from the good, old Reminders app that I would struggle to last a week without, my iPhone is full to the brim of organisational and automated apps that allow me to streamline my life, both on and offline. You can read about some of my favourite picks from 2016 here.

Streaks is a habit-forming app that works on the principle of encouraging you to repeat a specific behaviour so you don't break your streak. You're essentially competing with yourself. Which, sounds mad but the reviews absolutely rave about it helping people quit certain sugary foods, or even smoking altogether. Though I've has less success - I sometimes forget to log the damn thing - it's definitely encouraged me to get going by increasing my step count or do the laundry before I run out of clean socks.

Last year I slimmed down my bulging wallet and now opt for a handful of cards in a small holder. However, this does often mean that I forget one of my hundred store loyalty cards. And, obviously, I need those precious points. Enter Stocard that allows you to scan to store loyalty cards for hundreds of stores from booths to your local corner shop and add them into Apple Wallet with ease. You, and your next shopping spree, are welcome.

Get Healthy

Move Sum is my latest app obsession. Using my Health app data it displays how many active calories I have burnt in the form of some of my favourite foods - pizza slices, medium fries and doughnuts. As I'm writing this, it's 7pm on my rather lazy Sunday and I've burnt off just half of my usual Starbucks. However, on a good day I can see my sugary mid-morning snack disappear by the time I clock out.

I drink like a fish. Water, coffee and tea - in that order - according to the My Water app. I regularly max out my recommended 1.4l which clears the skin, helps me avoid the dreaded afternoon dip and maximises my brain function. What more could you need after the Christmas binge? Logging my latest cup is oddly addicting as I watch my intake rise on the Health app too.

Back in 2015, I purchased an Up Band and have regularly checked in and out of the Up Smart Coach app to log my calorie and macro intake ever since. It's not something I do on a daily basis, though I commend those who do, but it's nice every once in a while to check that I'm meeting my macro targets. What's even better is that I recently found out I can use it with my Apple Watch too.

Get Moving

I have very little time when it comes to going to the gym. On the rare occasions that I do go the stars must align in order to summon me from my sofa. I have to feel motivated, be one hundred percent sure that my spoonie-self can drive back safely and have the following few days free in case I really do exhaust myself #mecfs. So, instead of spending double figured a month at a fancy gym that I know I'll go to about twice, this year I've downloaded two apps onto my phone and Apple Watch to encourage me to take just ten minutes out of my day to get fit: Carrot Fit and Streaks Workout which offer 7 minute and 6-30 minute workouts, respectively.

If you're a longtime reader of the blog, you'll have already heard me rave about Carrot Alarm and Carrot Fit is much the same principle: a terrifying robot that lives in your phone and orders you to workout, or else. Streaks Workout has a similar no-fuss attitude to workouts and positively reinforces your new workout regime by encouraging you not to break your latest streak. You can personalise your workout from a range of exercises and 6-30 minute time slots which is perfect if you're busy or unable to sustain a full workout.

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