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Advice I would give my Fifteen year old Self

Dear fifteen-year-old me, Get your nose out of that book and your head out of dramaville. I've got some advice to give.
Advice I would give my 151 year old self
Dear fifteen-year-old self,

Get your nose out of that book. I've got some advice to give.

On Fashion

Remember the time you wore those velvet patterned legging to school and everyone made fun of you? They come back into style and everyone who made fun of you wears them. You find this very funny. Keep your individuality when it comes to fashion. It serves you well. You'll follow some trends and stay far away from others, but it's always on your own terms.

On Being Yourself

Though you may be full of angst and self-doubt, right now, you are always unapologetically yourself. You never bend to peer pressure and, though sometimes dramatic, tell everything like it is. It's a trait that people will like and dislike in equal measure.

On Friends

You'll never have many friends. The ones you do have end up long-time veterans who know you better than yourself. You treasure the time you have together when you're all grown up and at different ends of the country.

Stop trying to please everyone. Listen to your gut.

On School

Spoiler: You study like a boss and kick ass with your GCSEs but struggle at A-level because you put too much pressure on yourself. This is not okay. Some things you'll just never be good at, even though you find them interesting. Pocket your drive to succeed in them and use it to pursue the things that you're actually good at. One day, it really pays off.

On Dating

You'll never date. Shocker. There's this one time you're tricked into a non-date that you liked so much you end up non-dating for the next serval years. You choose Universities in opposite directions and, although it's sometimes hard, relish the freedom of it all.

On University

Don't be pushed into attending the school-recommended University. Go with your gut. Continue to laugh at the thought of following your boyfriend's path in life.

University will help you grow as a person. You'll find most of your subjects interesting but the wealth of knowledge you gain outside of the classroom is just as important. Use your free time to sleep, study, learn and have fun.


You should *really* enjoy your next 5 ME-free years. Get up early, stay up late and being active af. We can worry about the rest later.

On Growing Up

Your twenties turn out to be the most you ages yet. Whilst everyone's worried about stopping partying and getting old, you're busy settling in.

See you in eight years.

Like much of my life on social media, today's blog post has been inspired by a hashtag. #WhatIWouldTellA15YearOldMe has kept me entertained for hours on this lazy Saturday.

Let me know what advice would you give your fifteen-year-old self in the comments below!

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