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Instagram App Hacks for Bloggers

Instagram App Hacks

Back at University, I took a personality test - which one, I forget; £27,000 well spent - and I remember I received the trait 'expert' which boils down to not being confident unless you've got oodles of experience. Usually I don't give much credit to these tests - like horoscopes they can often be widely interpreted - but I do remember having a lightbulb moment and realising all of the things I'd done over the years. Like never, ever putting my hand up in lessons unless I was 98% sure I had the answer. Or putting things off - like my blog - because I knew that it wouldn't be perfect right away. It's incredibly infuriating.

So, please find below my top three photography app hacks to hopefully stop you putting off that insta snap you've been waiting to try.

How to get a White Background

White backgrounds are currently the 'in thing' all over instagram. Unless you have a good source of lighting (ring, soft boxes or natural), a DSLR and a little time to play around on Lightroom they may seem hopeless! But Facetune, an app you may already have downloaded to up your selfie game, has got you covered with it's whitening tool.

How I use it is by editing my image to my liking and ignore the yellow-tinged background. Then I export it and open it up in Facetune where I select the Whiten tool and draw my finger across the background until it's desaturated just enough to appear white. Easy peasy! It's hard to believe that these were once the same image...

How to get a White Background Instagram Face Tune

Cheat the Look of an Expensive Lens

To create a little bokeh/an out of focus background, I use the app After Focus, as it's a little more versatile in terms of what you can create. By selecting what's in focus what's mid-range and what's out of focus using it's handy drawing tool, you can create a real depth of field that rivals the look of the fancy new iPhone 7+ lens. Though, admittedly it's a little more work! But for £0.79 also a heck of a lot cheaper.

Defocus After Focus App

Create Quick Social Media Graphics

For those days when you just need some me time in your non-instagrammable PJs with your less-than-cute mug you've had for almost a decade. There are so many apps for this! But my favourites have to be Canva, ever bloggers dream, Over, its with free daily artwork and Word Swag for its #relatable word art that works great at enhancing tweets.

Over App iPhone Winter Graphics Social Media Instagram

Don't forget to leave your Instagram App Hacks in the comments below! I'd love to know what you use. To read more posts in my #BloggingHacks series, click here.

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