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Free Stock Photo Resources for Bloggers

Find out what where I source my free, stock photos for my blog and learn why you should start collating your own bank of stock photos for your blog.

I collect things. From makeup to old cameras, books to homeware. I even have a folder in which I save Instagrammable worthy snaps from other brands and bloggers for future inspiration because I like the lighting or how you’ve styled your flatlay.

For a few months now, I’ve been curating a collection of beautiful stock imagery for those days where I either can’t take a photo or the stock imagery demonstrates the post content so beautifully that I don’t need to, like these posts here and here. This is not cheating. It’s time-saving. Just make sure you know your way around a Creative Commons licence/image credit first.

Below you’ll find a compilation of brilliantly shot and actually useful stock imagery that you're free to download, edit and use without credit. There’s not a cheesy smile or awkward pose in site. If you’re a beauty blogger, like me, I’d highly suggest checking out what these two fabulous stock photo sites have to offer in terms of beauty and desk space shots; it’s why I fell in love with them in the first place.

Pexels, Free Stock Images for Bloggers.jpg
Pexels, Free Stock Images for Bloggers.jpg
Pexels, Free Stock Images for Bloggers


Look no further for winter-themed stock images, Pexels has a beautiful selection, also under the Creative Commons Zero license - read: do whatever you want with . They also have a great selection of blogging workspaces - see above - and a handful of generic makeup shots.

Unsplash, Free Stock Images for Bloggers


I first discovered Unsplash as part of the Over iOS app, I explain here how you can use Over to make some killer, free social media graphics. Unsplash's huge selection of images using the Creative Commons Zero licence is one of my favourites on the web. Along with their aesthetically pleasing website which allows you to search for particular collections, such as Eat + Drink - warning, do not view whilst hungry.

Though I wouldn't recommend using stock images for every post - your photos personality is important too! They're do have their uses, for example, did you know using a photo in your tweet makes it three times more likely for someone to engage with it? Pretty great, huh.

Have you used any photos from free stock photo sites on your blog? Let's help each other out and leave them in the comments below! To read more posts in my #BloggingHacks series, click here.

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