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Free Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Free Chrome Extensions for Bloggers Download

As a blogger, there are a few free Google Chrome Extensions that help me out with producing my content. From social media to design and SEO, you need these in your blogging toolkit!

For Social Media - Buffer

Buffer is hands down my favourite social media scheduling platform for bloggers. It’s relatively cheap, comes with an app and is so, so easy to schedule content across multiple social media platforms - absolutely free! The main reason I love their chrome extension is that it allows me to schedule my RTs over on Twitter to avoid Twitter-overload. However, it also great for easily scheduling in content when you find a web page or image you like.

For Design - Colorzilla

For the designers out there, Color Zilla is about to change your world. It adds an eyedropper tool to the upper right of your browser that lets you copy colours to love. Whether you’re creating a background or copying across a colour palette for inspo, if you use Canva/Pic Monkey or dabble in web design, like me, you need this in your life.

For Blog Stats/SEO - MozBar

MozBar is my go to website stat tracker. This extension allows you to view important information on your blog such as the Domain and Page Authority - RIP to my DA after my relatively recent re-brand. It’s a think a lot of brands ask for before you work with them and is useful to keep track of overtime. You can also see how your blog compares against others by visiting their site too!

For Screenshots - FireShot

FireShot is one of my more recent downloads. It has a single function, to screenshot entire web pages - and not just what’s displaying on your monitor. It comes in handy for social media to showcase a particular post or new blog layout as well as for featuring in media kits. However, if you’ve got a 4k/5k monitor - be warned, those image sizes can get quite hefty so remember to delete them after use!

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