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Desk Update: Blogging Set Up December 2016

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If you've been reading my blog for a few months, you may have seen my last desk update. Though I'd prefer a less eclectic hobby, I always get itchy feet with how my workspace looks and love the fact that I can change the space around me to fit with my mood.

Today was a day spent working from home. I do this fairly regularly and am incredibly thankful that I can make money doing something creative whilst sat in my pyjama bottoms. Though I genuinely love being in my office - we have a giant inflatable Unicorn named Travis and a Starbucks downstairs - it's sometimes necessary to shut myself away and focus. Usually, in order to do this, I have to declutter my workspace.

Unfortunately, I'm an inherently messy person. I'm not quite sure how it happens. When I organise, I channel my inner Monica. But when I don't, we're talking major disaster. So I scooped away the wrapper and washed out the mugs - an unfortunate plural - before gathering up my almost empties into their metal basket and zipping up the contents of my makeup bag.

Pictured above you'll find some of my homeware favourites from summer 2015 - the H&M copper tray and Wolf Canvas print from Primark, updated with some new lighting including a Pyramid Himalayan Salt Lamp to the far right, Christmas lights and an LED strip on the back of each monitor to soften the light for working these dark nights. Plus, they give me all kinds of disco feels.

Download the wallpapers I'm using here:
Design Sponge x Jen Altman
Phases of the Moon

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