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Timeless Beauty | Ten Effects Skin Treat & Makeup Fixer*

Ten Effects Skin Treat & Makeup Fixer, Makeup Setting Spray - Joan Collins Timeless Beauty

The Ten Effects Skin Treat & Makeup Fixer* from Joan Collins' Timeless Beauty range is hands down my favourite setting spray that I have ever used. So much so, that I haven't touched another in just shy of two months and still have two thirds of the magical pink liquid left.

My skin is a dry, acne-prone, makeup-hating nightmare at the moment. Most mornings I will spend my allotted 10 minutes making myself look presentable by dabbing on some concealer, bronzer and blush and a light dusting of my favourite highlighter before I fix my brows, add a dab of mascara, run a brush through my hair and run out the door. Only to realise that, once I step into the harsh light of day, my textured skin looks like it woke up on the wrong side of a harsh, moisturiser winter. Yikes.

Enter Ten Effects Skin Treat & Makeup Fixer*. Not only does it give my face a dewy glow and melts - there has to be a better word for this... - my makeup together flawlessly, it keep it flawless right up until the minute I take it off before bed. Give or take a little extra oil.

There's just a couple of little things I just can't get on board with. First, slight leakage, I *think* this is why the bottle comes with, not just one, but two caps but would advise taking care whilst travelling. Secondly, I can't stand the scent. Imagine the heavy, floral talc I have learnt to associate with the older generation. Whilst you may like floral, it's not my cup of tea, so I'm glad when it dissipates somewhat on my commute and eventually disappears altogether.

Even with these minor issues, I would wholeheartedly recommend this product to anyone who struggles with an awkward skin texture, even with it's mid-range £20 price tag.

What makeup setting spray is your favourite?

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