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Style Steals: Red Lips, Denim Jackets & Red Hair

Readhead, Red Hair, Girl, Over Sized Denim Jacket
Readhead, Red Hair, Girl, Over Sized Denim Jacket

Wearing: Oversized Demin Jacket // Casablanca

I recently I picked up this little oversized-gem of a Denim Jacket at a Vintage Fair after seeing them all over instagram. It's just the right kind of oversized that makes me look stylish without gaining three sizes or having to roll up the sleeves. Much to my delight, it also matches everything except jeans. Band tee and leggings? No problem. Checked shirt and ripped jeans? Genius. No pun intended.
After importing these beauties in from the States shortly after their release - I wholeheartedly blame Kathleen Lights - the Maybelline's Colour Sensational Creamy Mattes Lipstick line quickly became one of my favourite product releases of the year.

Naturally, I was giddy when I saw a few new shades had appeared on my last trip to Boots including this Diva-esque burgundy shade, aptly named Burgundy Blush. Though, I must admit that it's a little hit and miss in comparison to my other shades in terms of pigmentation and transfer. Some mornings it holds, and others it ends up all over the rim of my coffee mug.

Hair: Live Colour XXL Intense Colour Hair Dye // Red Passion

I get a lot of questions about my hair on social media. More specifically the colour. I've been dying it varying shades of red for ten years now - surely not?! - and have been sticking to the same box dye for the last few months, Red Passion by Live Colour XXL. I know hair stylists hate and and I do notice that it makes my hair noticeable dryer and more brittle, even when regularly deep conditioned. But, I just love it. And the price tag that is infinitely cheaper than getting my roots re-done every month! #sorrynotsorry

What style steals have you been taking inspo from this month? Let me know in the comments!

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