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Life Hacks: Apps you need to Download

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Hi, my name is Charley and I'm an app-a-holic. Currently, on my iPhone, I have exactly 86 'essential' apps. No wonder the blasted thing keeps telling me it's out of storage. From monitoring my health and fitness to photo editing and social media, there's little my iPhone can't handle. In today's post I'm rounding up my favourite four apps that help me beat the Monday morning commute, slay the weekly shop and act as my own personal PA. You may want to get the App Store ready now...

Workflow     (£2.29)

Workflow is powerful automation made simple. It's an app that does everything you could do on your phone, but better. You can choose from a selection of user-made workflows, or create your own that run at the tap of your finger. This means I can log water and caffeine to the Health app with ease - when I would have otherwise 'forgotten' - schedule reminders when I arrive at a specific location, share my calendar availability, make PDFs and airdrop screenshots - which makes work a breeze! On the weekends I can time my laundry or automatically remind myself of my weekend chores And, once all that is done, order a well-earned pizza with just a tap.

Bring     (FREE)

If you share your weekly shop with your flatmate/so, then you to bring the Bring shopping list into your lives. In our house, cooking works on a night-on, night-off basis so we each need to plan around five to seven meals a week, including lunch. It makes one hell of a shopping list. Both you and your so add your favourites onto your weekly shopping list from your phones. Then Bring automatically organises them into categories such as veg, meat, bakery etc. to cut down on the aisle one arguments. It can also send you notifications of when the list has been updated and allows you to send your so a warning of your impending supermarket sweep. I've never liked shopping so much.

ETA     (£2.29)

ETA is my new favourite app - especially when paired with my Apple Watch. It allows me to check just how long it will take to arrive at work, home or the shops at a glance by displaying and ETA and showing the state of the traffic using a handy red, amber, green system. Which, is really deflating when you take 30 seconds to finish your morning coffee and you notice you drive time has increased by a whole two minutesETA can also direct you at a click of a button using my favourite navigation app - mine's currently Waze - in the event of heavy traffic aka. your typical Monday morning.

Plume     (FREE)

Being a typical village-dweller, the idea of air pollution never really crossed my mind. That was, until I downloaded Plume. Plume allows you to scroll through the likely pollution levels of your city to see when it's best to be active outdoors. Spoiler: if you live in anything larger than a medium-sized town, I'd strongly recommend never leaving your house during the work day. You can also view averages from the week or the year for your city.

Let me know if you'd like to see what apps I use for photo editing, social media scheduling, blogging and to check my health in the comments.

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