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Two Months with the Apple Watch Series 1

Apple Watch Series 1 38mm in Silver Blogger Review Milanese Loop

Okay, okay, okay, my bank balance thinks I've done a very bad thing. But, after living with the Apple Watch Series 1 for two months, my life has never been quieter or more organised. In this post I break down my thoughts on the Apple Watch Series 1 38mm in Silver, and the little ways it changes my life.


Day to day I work in digital marketing. My wonderfully weird job encompasses everything from social media to web design, video editing to copy writing with plenty of creative brainstorming and a dash of graphic design. It's equal measures of feeling like you don't have a real job and 11/10 stress levels. Then I come home and work on my blog, social media channels and occasionally film a video or two. My life is a non-stop whirlwind of tech, notifications, and social noise.

You're probably wondering how I ever switch off. Whilst the Apple Watch is great for keeping tabs on what's blowing up on social media. It also allows me to choose what notifications I receive to my wrist. In my line of work, I can never truly stop, social media never sleeps. So, whilst this feature may seem ridiculous, it's actually super useful. If my phone buzzes without alerting the watch, I know it's not important so continue focussing on whatever it is I'm doing - currently binge watching Ru Paul's Drag Race in my Harry Potter PJs.


Complications on the Apple Watch are like widgets on a home screen. Mine usually display a combination of my ETA to work, my upcoming appointments, activity, battery, reminders and heart rate - all at a flick of the wrist. From helping me plan when to leave the house to squeezing in last minutes meetings, complications are the thing I ever knew I needed.

Activity Tracking

Living with ME, I find it helpful to track my day to day activity - calories burned, exercise and heart rate. I use it like spoons. If I have a busy day, chances are I'll be able to do less the following few. Similarly, if my heart rate spikes through physical activity or emotional state, it's really useful to know as it usually results in a physical and emotional crash shortly after. Whilst it's not going to stop the outcome it does allow me to prepare by cozying up with a cuppa or having some down time.

I can also use the activity app to set weekly goals depending how I'm feeling that week. Right now I've set myself 260 calories to burn each day. Which may not sound a lot to you, but it's really helping me to remain consistently active and up it a little more each week.

Being able to track my heart is definitely an upgrade from my Jawbone UP. Although, it makes me sad that sleep tracking is infinitely more complex/battery consuming.


The last thing I want to mention is reminders. If you're one of those people who map every minute of every day out, the constant wrist-tapping reminders will save you from quick exits and late entrances. I don't think I have ever seemed more organised in my life.

The reminders also help me with my brain fog days, so I always know what that thing is I would have forgotten. And apps like Streaks go one step further and encourage me to do simple daily chores (this is customisable) and take little breaks for myself.

Whilst thw watch is revolutionary, it's not going to change your life. Unless you're a Londoner who commutes via the tube each morning, then it might. Though it is a helpful little tech accessory for the forgetful, geeky and digitally inclined among you. If this is you, hit me up on Twitter!

Instead of bombarding my life with notifications the Apple Watch removes the noise and helps you focus on what's important to you - from health to mindfulness, social media to cooking timers. I must admit, I don't regret purchasing it one bit. Though I was hella nervous writing this blogpost as I know they seem a bit excessive - so please be nice in the comments below! If you have any questions, or are thinking about investing in this little piece of wearable tech yourself, I'd love to hear from you.

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