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Things I Miss about Going Back to School

Feeling organised AF.

Each year, I started with a plan. I was going to do this many cool projects and I was going to ace this many classes and all of my notebooks would be the envy of Pinterest *wince as I realise my age - was Pinterest even a think 5 years a go?*. Obviously, this never happened. But for those first 4 weeks, I was convinced that the upcoming year was going to be my academic best.

The stationery.

Name one person that doesn't get tingles of joy when they buy a new pencil case. Boys don't count.

Shamelessly binge watching back to school DIYs.

It's not like that time could be used more productively by studying or anything...

Seeing my friends every day.

Because now we're all grown ups and both busy, tired and never have any time.

The prospect of new adventures.

New people. New parties. New parties with new people. And, even sometimes, boys.


Less cool, but I'll run with it. I may have swapped the trig for CSS and the chem for Creative Cloud. I hope I never stop enjoying learning new things.

For those of you who believe I'm just being modest - check out my previous mad editing skills in this delightful photo of seventeen year old me on her way to sports day. Umpa-lumpa-liscious.

Note to seventeen year old self: always save the originals.

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