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Makeup Revolution | Pro Illuminate & Strobe Highlight Reviews

I, like the rest of the females population, am currently hooked on highlighting. I really hope this isn't one of those trends we look back on in five years time cringing in all of our matte glory wondering WTF we were thinking.

But this isn't my first rodeo. Back in the days when we caked on the Dream Matte Mousse *moment of silence please* I was obsessed with my Collection 2000 - that's right, I said it - Highlighter Stick that I swiped onto my cheekbones and failed to blend out. Every. Single. Time. I envy the kids of today with their Youtube tutorials.

Ever since Makeup Revolution released their purse-friendly Vivid Baked Highlighter in Golden Lights, I knew that I had to purchase every single highlighter they released. It was that good. And I wasn't disappointed with their Pro Illuminate Highlighter. At a whooping 15g, the formula is a buttery dream and completely glitter-free. I love it more than The Balm's Mary Lou-Manizer on a day to day basis for its pale, pearlescent sheen complete lack of glitter - as opposed to an golden shimmer. #sorrynotsorry.

However, I was not so impressed with one of their newest releases, the Strobe Highlighter in Ever Glow Lights. In my mind this was the Makeup Revolution answer to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder. In actually fact it was Makeup Revolution's answer to a disco ball. That's not to say that the beautiful candle-lit glow wasn't there - it was - but it was hidden underneath hundreds of glitter particles. Which, if you have made it this far, will know that I do not like in my highlighter. It's just down to personal preference and unfortunately, glitter is not my cup of tea. Although, if you're part unicorn or aren't afraid of a bit of sparkle, I have no doubt that the Strobe Highlighter will look absolutely flawless. I'm sure we'll met again on my Instagram feed.

I also must to mention just how soft this Nanshy Fan Brush* is that I picked up at the most recent Hull Blogger Meet. As if I needed another reason to love putting my highlight on on a morning!

If you're interested in other highlighting products from Makeup Revolution's sister brand Freedom you can read my review of their Pro Studio Strobe Cream* here.

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