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What's in my MAC Eyeshadow Palette?

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Spoiler: not a single MAC eyeshadow.

I prefer to keep my MAC shadows potted for travelling - Amber Lights, Coppering, Mythical - and opt to store my Makeup Geek and ELF shadows in my clunky palette instead. Weird, I know.

As you can see I'm a huge fan of warm toned shadows. I'm also a bit of a palette hoarder - let me know in the comment below if you'd like to peek into collection - which is why I've recently popped my ELF shadows from their dusty quads hidden at the back of my palette drawer, in the hope that I won't forget they exist. Again.

Whilst I'm busy confessing some serious #bbloggers sins, I might as well tell you that I'm also not that much of a MAC eyeshadow junkie. Yes, some of the colours are stunning and the quality is typically impeccable; however I do find that here are a lot of cheaper shadows on the market that are just as pigmented and buttery and don't break my bank balance quite as much - see Makeup Revolution, Makeup Geek (if you're UK based head to Beauty Bay).

My favourites from this palette include the shades from Makeup Geek, Peach Fizz and Golden Glow and Sunny - the latter two make flawless transition shades. But there are also a few I don't reach for which I'm hoping to switch out a few of the cool-tone shadows - Taupe, Moondust, Dusk - in favour of the newly released #ProArtists single pans from Freedom Makeup. Who else is hella excited about them?

Top Row (ELF): Pink Ice, Taupe, Peach Fizz, Golden Glow, Wheat

Middle Row (mostly ELF): Driftwood, Moondust, Aubergine, Dusk, Sunny (Bronzer Sample by Lord & Berry)

Bottom Row (Makeup Geek®): Glamorous, Cosmopolitan, Bitten & Burlesque

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