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Hull Bloggers | September 2016 Meet

Hull Blogger Meet September 2016 Liquid Jade Light Box Gingersnap #HullBloggerMeet #HullBloggers
Hull Blogger Meet September 2016 Liquid Jade Cute
Hull Blogger Meet September 2016 Liquid Jade Coffee Mocha
Hull Blogger Meet September 2016 Liquid Jade Food

It's been a while since us #HullBloggers got together for a good old catch up.

Scheming for our latest meet started way back in March when myself, and blogging besties Hannah and Courtney got together to discuss plans to make a plan to make a plan - we were all very busy with our job/degree/moving house and had no time/energy/hours in the day (delete as appropriate) to plan a meet until the late summer.

This time we chose one of Hull's cutest cafes, Liquid Jade, that sat right in the heart of this weekend's Freedom Festival. Not that I'm biased - but this might just be my favourite venue yet. It's just the right mash of kitsch cafe and living room goals and fitted us in perfectly. The teas came with timers and the crumpets looked delicious. I need to go back for breakfast.

When we first sat down to decide what we wanted from this meet, we unanimously agreed on something casual and fun. We wanted bloggers meeting each other, making friends, bouncing around ideas and sharing a few tips. And, I think, we got what we wished for. Bloggers also got a taste of our new workshops with everything from photography to social media and bloggers block getting discussed. I know I came away with a couple of new gadgets on my wish list - I'm looking at you Emma and Jenny - and a few new ideas.

We also tried something new with the introduction of a Bloggers Bucketlist with suggestions of ice-breakers, competitions and confidence boosters. And a quirky photo booth too. But kept in old favourites like the raffle. As a collaborative network, we're not just about events and brand collaborations but about helping each other out. Which is why we selected local charity Purple House to support with bags of donations and the money from the raffle. We still have to work out the money from the ticket sales, but so far we've raised just over £60.

It was so wonderful to meet so many new faces - who knew we'd grown so much in the past three and a half years?! - and catch up with some old ones. I'd like to know just how many cups of beverage were consumed over the course of the four hours we were there; there was a constant stream of nicely coloured teas and delicious smells coming from each table! You guys have great taste.

Thanks to Hannah and Courtney for being their totally brilliant and funny selves. I literally couldn't have done it without you. To the bloggers who made the day so very fun - I hope you enjoyed it! You're all fantastic, keep doing what you're doing. To Liquid Jade for being a kick-ass venue and to the brands: Aloha Lola Cards, Boomf, Busy B, Paul Mitchell, UltraDEX, Nanshy, Date Night, DIWAH Jewellery, Lobster Homeware, Little-Known Box, That Lame Company, The Hull Pie, Empire Girl Planner, Tessies and Poorboy Boutique for donating your various goodies.

If you'd like a referesher of the day, any of the brands or bloggers - aka you're as clumsy as me and have already lost your bits of paper! - everything can be found here.

I'm now going to sleep for about a week.

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