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Dear September, I Quit.

Dear September, I Quit - Bad Habits Quitting Stop Stopping

I don't care what everyone else thinks. September is my new year.

Instead of making one hundred resolutions I am never, ever going to keep. Or ever read again once I've finished writing this post. I thought I'd pick some bad habits of mine to work on over the next month.

Mindless eating.

In August, I ate my weight in junk food - sugary cereals, multipacks and just good old bars of chocolate. I don't know what happened! Take today for example, I had chocolate milk - albeit oat milk - with my cereal. Not in a glass, just straight onto my cereal. Followed by a Baby Bell. At 4:30pm. That cannot be good for me! I need to sit down, reassess and find out what I'm lacking.

Being tired all of the time.

Whilst I'm all too aware you can't cure ME with positive thinking and strong willpower (take note doctors everywhere). I am aware that keeping to my routine and not stretching myself with late night project planning will stave off total zombie mode. This includes some semblance of a regular bed time and a winding down routine.

Making a mess.

Hi, my name is Charley and I'm an intrinsically messy person. I don't even know how. My makeup drawers are so organised they're practically alphabetised. But I do have a habit of collecting piles of stuff. Like, right now I'm sat at my desk with a pile of items to blog about to my right, a pile of receipts, festival programs, polaroids and other paper junk to my left and a few stray bits of makeup. I feel like my problem here stems from bing too organised and never actually having the time to put shit away. Note to self: make more time.

Beating myself up for being a bad blogger.

This is not okay. I've tried blogging like it's my career and it's just not for me. The added pressure and constant deadlines, e-mails etc. really takes the fun out. So, why I still treat blogging as a job in my head I do not know. Blogging is a hobby, it's supposed to be fun. If a post is late or turns out a little differently than I initially planned? SO WHAT. The only person who is going to ever know is me.

Let me know if you can relate or if you have any habits are you trying to give up this September in the comments below.

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