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Friday, 16 September 2016

Makeup Revolution | Pro Illuminate & Strobe Highlight Reviews

I, like the rest of the females population, am currently hooked on highlighting. I really hope this isn't one of those trends we look back on in five years time cringing in all of our matte glory wondering WTF we were thinking.

But this isn't my first rodeo. Back in the days when we caked on the Dream Matte Mousse *moment of silence please* I was obsessed with my Collection 2000 - that's right, I said it - Highlighter Stick that I swiped onto my cheekbones and failed to blend out. Every. Single. Time. I envy the kids of today with their Youtube tutorials.

Ever since Makeup Revolution released their purse-friendly Vivid Baked Highlighter in Golden Lights, I knew that I had to purchase every single highlighter they released. It was that good. And I wasn't disappointed with their Pro Illuminate Highlighter. At a whooping 15g, the formula is a buttery dream and completely glitter-free. I love it more than The Balm's Mary Lou-Manizer on a day to day basis for its pale, pearlescent sheen complete lack of glitter - as opposed to an golden shimmer. #sorrynotsorry.

However, I was not so impressed with one of their newest releases, the Strobe Highlighter in Ever Glow Lights. In my mind this was the Makeup Revolution answer to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder. In actually fact it was Makeup Revolution's answer to a disco ball. That's not to say that the beautiful candle-lit glow wasn't there - it was - but it was hidden underneath hundreds of glitter particles. Which, if you have made it this far, will know that I do not like in my highlighter. It's just down to personal preference and unfortunately, glitter is not my cup of tea. Although, if you're part unicorn or aren't afraid of a bit of sparkle, I have no doubt that the Strobe Highlighter will look absolutely flawless. I'm sure we'll met again on my Instagram feed.

I also must to mention just how soft this Nanshy Fan Brush* is that I picked up at the most recent Hull Blogger Meet. As if I needed another reason to love putting my highlight on on a morning!

If you're interested in other highlighting products from Makeup Revolution's sister brand Freedom you can read my review of their Pro Studio Strobe Cream* here.


Thursday, 15 September 2016

What's in my MAC Eyeshadow Palette?

MAC Eyeshadow Palette What's in my Eyeshadow Palette, MAC, Makeup Geek, ELF, Eyes Lips Face, Warm-Toned, Cheap Eyeshadow, Red Eyeshadow

Spoiler: not a single MAC eyeshadow.

I prefer to keep my MAC shadows potted for travelling - Amber Lights, Coppering, Mythical - and opt to store my Makeup Geek and ELF shadows in my clunky palette instead. Weird, I know.

As you can see I'm a huge fan of warm toned shadows. I'm also a bit of a palette hoarder - let me know in the comment below if you'd like to peek into collection - which is why I've recently popped my ELF shadows from their dusty quads hidden at the back of my palette drawer, in the hope that I won't forget they exist. Again.

Whilst I'm busy confessing some serious #bbloggers sins, I might as well tell you that I'm also not that much of a MAC eyeshadow junkie. Yes, some of the colours are stunning and the quality is typically impeccable; however I do find that here are a lot of cheaper shadows on the market that are just as pigmented and buttery and don't break my bank balance quite as much - see Makeup Revolution, Makeup Geek (if you're UK based head to Beauty Bay).

My favourites from this palette include the shades from Makeup Geek, Peach Fizz and Golden Glow and Sunny - the latter two make flawless transition shades. But there are also a few I don't reach for which I'm hoping to switch out a few of the cool-tone shadows - Taupe, Moondust, Dusk - in favour of the newly released #ProArtists single pans from Freedom Makeup. Who else is hella excited about them?

Top Row (ELF): Pink Ice, Taupe, Peach Fizz, Golden Glow, Wheat

Middle Row (mostly ELF): Driftwood, Moondust, Aubergine, Dusk, Sunny (Bronzer Sample by Lord & Berry)

Bottom Row (Makeup Geek®): Glamorous, Cosmopolitan, Bitten & Burlesque


Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Paige Cavill Designs Haul

Shopping at Paige Cavill Designs is like the adult version of going back to school. Not only can you shop stationery, but you can co-ordinate your tech which is hella cool.

The best part is she practically lives next door. I have some serious hometown pride for this girl. So, when I saw that she was looking for blog ambassadors over on her instagram I had to get in touch and Paige kindly whipped me up my very own parcel of vibrant goodies.

Whether you're going back to school, upping your blog game or just want to upgrade your office, how cute are these Soft Neon Marble Notebooks*?  You can match them to your phone case too, like this flawless Pastel Dream Phone Case* that reminds me of unicorns. Best case ever. I'm normally one to opt for durability over style when it comes to phone cases (read: I'm clumsy as). However I was really impressed with the quality of this case. It's both sturdy and stylish and has survived a few scratches and bumps without showing any signs of wear.

I'm also completely obsessed with this Raw Quartz Necklace* and have worn it for the best part of the past two-weeks. As a fan of anything crystal it fits with my existing style whilst adding an edgy and modern twist that matches literally everything. The only downside is, I often forget that I'm wearing it and end up smacking it into just about everything - desk, mirror, sink - but I am happy to report that after two weeks of straight up abuse it's still going strong.


Monday, 12 September 2016

Desk Update: September 2016

Blogger Desk Tour 2016 Updated Ikea Micke Desk White Peg Board Prayer Plant Wire Basket Urban Outfitters iMac
Recently, I've been itching to re-do my desk decor. It's rarely every the same for more than a month or so and this time I managed to upcycle everything for a mere £20; with the addition of a white peg board and some greenery. I've also flipped from the relatively minimal to - what I'm hoping comes off as - artfully cluttered. No doubt I'll be bored of the thing by Halloween and have strung up some miniature pumpkins and skull candles instead. But for now, I'm pretty pleased with myself.

Let me know if you'd like to see more desk decor posts by dropping me a tweet @charleylucy. Unfortunately, my comments as still being stubborn and refusing to return after the layout change - I'm working on it! Update: Comments are back!

Gold Frame // TK Maxx
Don't be a Dick Membership Card // Veronica Dearly
Agate Slice Necklace // Carboot
Marble Tray // H&M
Ambre Imperial Perfume - Van Cleef & Arples*
E-mail Notifier // eBay
Liptick Pin // Primark
Sleep Appreciation Society Pin // Veronica Dearly
Paris Print // My Little Box
Assorted Polaroids
Bronze Vintage-Style Fan // Amazon
Copper Wire Basket // Matalan
Bandana // Primark
Glasses // The Glasses Shop

Prayer Plant
Sticky Cable Holders // Amazon
Blue & Gold Spot Trinket Dish // Oliver Bonas
Pyramid Glass Box // Urban Outfitters
Aluminium USB Hub // Amazon

Think Happy Be Happy Print // Primark

Palm Leaves
Let Yourself Rest


Friday, 9 September 2016

Things I Miss about Going Back to School

Feeling organised AF.

Each year, I started with a plan. I was going to do this many cool projects and I was going to ace this many classes and all of my notebooks would be the envy of Pinterest *wince as I realise my age - was Pinterest even a think 5 years a go?*. Obviously, this never happened. But for those first 4 weeks, I was convinced that the upcoming year was going to be my academic best.

The stationery.

Name one person that doesn't get tingles of joy when they buy a new pencil case. Boys don't count.

Shamelessly binge watching back to school DIYs.

It's not like that time could be used more productively by studying or anything...

Seeing my friends every day.

Because now we're all grown ups and both busy, tired and never have any time.

The prospect of new adventures.

New people. New parties. New parties with new people. And, even sometimes, boys.


Less cool, but I'll run with it. I may have swapped the trig for CSS and the chem for Creative Cloud. I hope I never stop enjoying learning new things.

For those of you who believe I'm just being modest - check out my previous mad editing skills in this delightful photo of seventeen year old me on her way to sports day. Umpa-lumpa-liscious.

Note to seventeen year old self: always save the originals.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Dear September, I Quit.

Dear September, I Quit - Bad Habits Quitting Stop Stopping

I don't care what everyone else thinks. September is my new year.

Instead of making one hundred resolutions I am never, ever going to keep. Or ever read again once I've finished writing this post. I thought I'd pick some bad habits of mine to work on over the next month.

Mindless eating.

In August, I ate my weight in junk food - sugary cereals, multipacks and just good old bars of chocolate. I don't know what happened! Take today for example, I had chocolate milk - albeit oat milk - with my cereal. Not in a glass, just straight onto my cereal. Followed by a Baby Bell. At 4:30pm. That cannot be good for me! I need to sit down, reassess and find out what I'm lacking.

Being tired all of the time.

Whilst I'm all too aware you can't cure ME with positive thinking and strong willpower (take note doctors everywhere). I am aware that keeping to my routine and not stretching myself with late night project planning will stave off total zombie mode. This includes some semblance of a regular bed time and a winding down routine.

Making a mess.

Hi, my name is Charley and I'm an intrinsically messy person. I don't even know how. My makeup drawers are so organised they're practically alphabetised. But I do have a habit of collecting piles of stuff. Like, right now I'm sat at my desk with a pile of items to blog about to my right, a pile of receipts, festival programs, polaroids and other paper junk to my left and a few stray bits of makeup. I feel like my problem here stems from bing too organised and never actually having the time to put shit away. Note to self: make more time.

Beating myself up for being a bad blogger.

This is not okay. I've tried blogging like it's my career and it's just not for me. The added pressure and constant deadlines, e-mails etc. really takes the fun out. So, why I still treat blogging as a job in my head I do not know. Blogging is a hobby, it's supposed to be fun. If a post is late or turns out a little differently than I initially planned? SO WHAT. The only person who is going to ever know is me.

Let me know if you can relate or if you have any habits are you trying to give up this September in the comments below.


Monday, 5 September 2016

Hull Bloggers | September 2016 Meet

Hull Blogger Meet September 2016 Liquid Jade Light Box Gingersnap #HullBloggerMeet #HullBloggers
Hull Blogger Meet September 2016 Liquid Jade Cute
Hull Blogger Meet September 2016 Liquid Jade Coffee Mocha
Hull Blogger Meet September 2016 Liquid Jade Food

It's been a while since us #HullBloggers got together for a good old catch up.

Scheming for our latest meet started way back in March when myself, and blogging besties Hannah and Courtney got together to discuss plans to make a plan to make a plan - we were all very busy with our job/degree/moving house and had no time/energy/hours in the day (delete as appropriate) to plan a meet until the late summer.

This time we chose one of Hull's cutest cafes, Liquid Jade, that sat right in the heart of this weekend's Freedom Festival. Not that I'm biased - but this might just be my favourite venue yet. It's just the right mash of kitsch cafe and living room goals and fitted us in perfectly. The teas came with timers and the crumpets looked delicious. I need to go back for breakfast.

When we first sat down to decide what we wanted from this meet, we unanimously agreed on something casual and fun. We wanted bloggers meeting each other, making friends, bouncing around ideas and sharing a few tips. And, I think, we got what we wished for. Bloggers also got a taste of our new workshops with everything from photography to social media and bloggers block getting discussed. I know I came away with a couple of new gadgets on my wish list - I'm looking at you Emma and Jenny - and a few new ideas.

We also tried something new with the introduction of a Bloggers Bucketlist with suggestions of ice-breakers, competitions and confidence boosters. And a quirky photo booth too. But kept in old favourites like the raffle. As a collaborative network, we're not just about events and brand collaborations but about helping each other out. Which is why we selected local charity Purple House to support with bags of donations and the money from the raffle. We still have to work out the money from the ticket sales, but so far we've raised just over £60.

It was so wonderful to meet so many new faces - who knew we'd grown so much in the past three and a half years?! - and catch up with some old ones. I'd like to know just how many cups of beverage were consumed over the course of the four hours we were there; there was a constant stream of nicely coloured teas and delicious smells coming from each table! You guys have great taste.

Thanks to Hannah and Courtney for being their totally brilliant and funny selves. I literally couldn't have done it without you. To the bloggers who made the day so very fun - I hope you enjoyed it! You're all fantastic, keep doing what you're doing. To Liquid Jade for being a kick-ass venue and to the brands: Aloha Lola Cards, Boomf, Busy B, Paul Mitchell, UltraDEX, Nanshy, Date Night, DIWAH Jewellery, Lobster Homeware, Little-Known Box, That Lame Company, The Hull Pie, Empire Girl Planner, Tessies and Poorboy Boutique for donating your various goodies.

If you'd like a referesher of the day, any of the brands or bloggers - aka you're as clumsy as me and have already lost your bits of paper! - everything can be found here.

I'm now going to sleep for about a week.

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