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Free Printable Content Calendar for Bloggers

At the start of every month, I always find myself vowing to do better when it comes to my blog. To post more consistently, to find more time to schedule social media and to have that coveted content Sunday - in which I basically just get to laze around in my PJs all day binging on Youtube videos in between bouts of frantic typic and batch photography sessions. But you know what? It never happens unless I write it down.

Free Printable Content Calendar for Bloggers, Downloadable Blog Planner

I can't take the credit for the idea of content calendars. I know this isn't a first. There are literally hundreds of content calendar printables out there in the bloggersphere.; so, if this one doesn't take you fancy, I'm sure something else will. But none quite match my internet-themed print by Veronica Dearlymy reasoning for taking an unreasonable amount of time out of my busy schedule to play on Photoshop. I may even get real fancy and buy a glass photo frame for it so I can use dry-erase markers to neatly plan out and wipe my content every week.

Feel free to download it, share it and other wise plan your kick-ass blogging week. You can click the image to save a copy, or you can download the PDF hereTo read more posts in my #BloggingHacks series, click here.

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