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Monday, 15 August 2016

Dee & Co | The Perfect Pout Lip Suction Cup

Enhancer Plumper Lip Suction Cup Lip Cup Review Dee&Co
Enhancer Plumper Lip Suction Cup Lip Cup Review Dee&Co
Enhancer Plumper Lip Suction Cup Lip Cup Review Dee&Co

After seeing seeing ShaaanXO's review of the set Full Lips all those months ago - I have secretly been dying to try out a temporary lip enhancer like the Perfect Pout*. Because getting to change the shape of my features - even just for a few hours - is as close to magic as I am ever going to get. It's fun, totally harmless and may provide some with a much needed confidence boost. So  when they kindly dropped an e-mail into my inbox, how could I refuse?

The way this witchcraft works is by temporarily increasing the blood flow to your lips for a limited period of time in order to enhance them. Think the Kylie Jenner shot glass challenge but much less dangerous. You create this effect by placing the Perfect Pout* onto your lips and sucking in a few breaths of air until you have a tight seal and can feel gentle suction. I found a few 30-second sessions usually worked best and didn't leave my lips feeling sore or bruised-  at all.

I also experimented between placing the cup differently to create shapes - vertically so that my lips appeared fuller in the centre and tapered out to my natural shape and  horizontally to create an all round fullness. In the photo above I used the Small Oval* vertically.

 My lips instantly felt subtly fuller. It was a small difference on the out and a big difference on the inside. It's kind of like that feeling when you wear a new foundation and or buy a new pair of boots. You know they're different but not everyone will notice. Which, to me, is exactly what I'm looking for in a product like this. If I walk out of the house looking like I just underwent major surgery, people are going to start to ask questions.

But, whilst it makes for great blog pics *pause whilst every blogger rushes to order one* the effect is only temporary and not something that would last through a dinner date without repeated use - read multiple trips to the bathroom.


Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Free Printable Content Calendar for Bloggers

At the start of every month, I always find myself vowing to do better when it comes to my blog. To post more consistently, to find more time to schedule social media and to have that coveted content Sunday - in which I basically just get to laze around in my PJs all day binging on Youtube videos in between bouts of frantic typic and batch photography sessions. But you know what? It never happens unless I write it down.

Free Printable Content Calendar for Bloggers, Downloadable Blog Planner

I can't take the credit for the idea of content calendars. I know this isn't a first. There are literally hundreds of content calendar printables out there in the bloggersphere.; so, if this one doesn't take you fancy, I'm sure something else will. But none quite match my internet-themed print by Veronica Dearlymy reasoning for taking an unreasonable amount of time out of my busy schedule to play on Photoshop. I may even get real fancy and buy a glass photo frame for it so I can use dry-erase markers to neatly plan out and wipe my content every week.

Feel free to download it, share it and other wise plan your kick-ass blogging week. You can click the image to save a copy, or you can download the PDF hereTo read more posts in my #BloggingHacks series, click here.


Monday, 1 August 2016

Non-Beauty Favourites | July 2016

Non-Beauty Favourites July 2016 - Pokemon Go, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Vintage Style Desktop USB Fan, Satechi Media Button Bluetooth Car

After I had my life taken over by an app along with the rest of the planet, I picked up a few new gadgets to survive the heatwave, made my commute more pleasurable and read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Let's talk July favourites...

July was kind of great. We had our first - and potentially last - glimpse of summer, meanwhile I did a little travelling and actually started to dig the some of the summer trends. Read: new denim, button-up, A-line skirt, far too much embroidery and a badass floral bomber.

Vintage Style Desktop USB Fan

This vintage-style, brass, USB fan was a lifesaver in the recent heatwave. Especially as we don't yet own a 'proper' fan yet. It's surprisingly robust, easily portable and matches the rest of my mixed-metals decor. Though, it is a little louder than the reviews would have had me believe - thank goodness my actual office has aircon! - it has been my favourite thing in my home-office this month.

Satechi Media Button

Having the ability to play/pause my endless lists of podcasts and audiobooks at the push of a button is glorious. Especially whilst driving, folding laundry, chopping messy vegetables... Whilst I really didn't need a Media Button, it has made my morning commute infinitely more fun I don't have to worry about missing content whilst I'm navigating Monday morning drivers.

Pokemon Go

Like the rest of the planet, I've been playing Pokemon Go this month. However, I'm not quite sure if my love for the game will continue after seeing that they've removed the footprints in the latest update. They were my favourite part! Even if they were broken!

Whilst I thoroughly enjoy hanging out/working at a Pokestop, visiting new areas and getting my UP step count way up. I'm definitely starting to notice the limitations of my local area in terms of the Poke-pickings. Enough with the damn Pidgeys already.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Technically, this came out on 31st July - so I'm classing it as a July Favourite. The Cursed Child has to be the only Harry Potter book I haven't pre-ordered. Instead, I took a casual stroll to the shops after waking up late and perched on my couch for about the 4 hours it took me to read this from cover to cover - stopping to make some badass chicken nachos and cheese from scratch at the mid-way point.

You may want to skip this last bit if you don't want spoilers.

I adored the first third of the book, the magic of Hogwarts, Albus' character - and, even more, that of Scorpious and Rose. Who totally need to get married by the way. It's like the perfect comeuppance for Malfoy - even if he is on Team Good now. But I wasn't such a fan of the major plot line that made up the mid-section, it seemed a bit false, like they'd thought hey we need an adventure - here's a way to manufacture one! Even if we did get to run into some of our old favourites *sob, Snape*, reaffirm Ron and Hermione's love for each other and see the Potter world in a different light.

Moving onto the latter portion of the book, I enjoyed the plot twist and was happy to see that they'd resolved why someone in their mid-twenties would be creepily hanging out with a couple of minors. But I still could't see the Harry Potter we'd grown up and loved in the man. Or, understand why Ginny and him were together. But I've never really been on board with their relationship anyway.

Whilst I wasn't sobbing at the script book - I'm sure it would be much different on the big stage - or sitting on the edge of my seat, The Cursed Child was a pleasant read that had me reliving some of my favourite moments in the Potter world and I'd still recommend reading it - who knows, it might be the last chance we get to hear about the Boy Who Lived. I'd take that any day.

Have you read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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