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Three Things I've Learnt: July 2016

Here's three of my favourite things I've learnt this month featuring a tip for the blogger who has no space on her phone, my take on joining the yoga train and becoming more a little mindful about materialism. 

I Need to Throw Things Away

I own far too much crap. Books I never read, makeup I shamelessly hoard even after I've found it disappointing and so many decorative items just because they were cute and in stock at my local Primark. So I finished the month by gathering a giant - and rather fitting - Primark bag full of clothes, DVDs a small pile of books and a holdall full of things to put on Depop. Now all I have to do is find the time to actually drop them off! The real challenge.

Yoga is actually Great

Yoga is actually great - for my joint pain and sanity. There, I said itAnd, I now have it in writing for the next time I attempt to chicken out of doing exercise because it's bad for me. I'd take a hit of that mindful quietness any day and that spinal massage you get from rolling back onto the matt really helps with my achy ME-riddled muscles.

Google Drive is the Greatest, No Phone Space

Google Drive kick Dropbox's butt with its free 15GBs of storage - it's how I'm storying these quirky GIFs right now and has made my life so much easier when it comes to spending my day between multiple accounts. If you take a lot of pictures on your phone or are constantly finding you need to transfer files or clear your inbox - I'd highly recommend you downloading it.

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