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Haircare | Damaged and Dry Hair Treatments

Damaged Hair Treatment, Dry Hair Treatment, Dry Ends Treatment

Over the last month or so, I have totally transformed my dry, damaged hair using just two treatments by Umberto Giannini and Lee Stafford. So, after raving about both of them in my recent May Favourites videoit was only right I gave them a spot on the blog.

After colouring my hair with bleach for the past eight years - moment of silence whilst I mentally calculate just how many towels, pillow cases and bathrooms I've ruined in the process - my hair isn't in the best condition, with the dry ends and damaged mid-lengths.

But I just never have tie time for major upkeep. You know how it is, you vow to do better, hope to have more time to spend sat soalking in a deep conditioning mask or to rinse the overnight coconut oil out your hair... However there just aren't enough hours in the day - and my locks are the ones that are suffering. Which is where these no-fuss, hydrating, dry and damaged hair products come in handy.

Slowly but surely, Umberto Giannini's Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm has been transforming the lengths of my hair. I apply this to the most damaged, mid-end sections of 4-5 times a week before bed - that is, when I'm not allowing my hair to dry naturally in my sleep and/or forget about it completely in favour of my duvet. Or, as a last-minute frizz tamer before I head out the door and don't have the time to raid my haircare stash. It instantly calms and nourishes my hair leaving it hydrated, yet lightweight, and instantly easier to tame. Plus, it smells like a good trip to the salon, which is alway a plus.

For a more concentrated, leave-in treatment Lee Stafford's Breaking Hair Leave In Treatment* is the way to go. Not only does it smell divine but it makes a noticeable difference in the condition of my hair in a matter of minutes.

I apply a brazil nut sized amount to wet hair - in my case after a liberal spritz of my Got2b Mind Blowing Xpress Dry Styling Spray - by parting my hair down the middle and combing through the mid-end sections with my product-covered fingers before blasting it dry with a blow dryer. I tend to do this right before bed - Sunday night papmer sessions are the best time - although, with its frizz taming and super scent abilities I would highly recommend using this before you leave the house for that post-salon feel.

Do you have any haircare holy grails?

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