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Benefit's Goof Proof Brow Pencil - Easy, Effortless Brows

Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil Review - Shade 3 - Sample, Quick Brows, Simple, Fast, Easy, Effortless Eyebrows

If you want quick, effortless and natural looking brows - Benefit's newly rebranded Goof Proof Pencil is the product you need to buy. It's a one-stop, brow filling-in, taming and shaping product all in one that has left my beloved Make Me Brow by Essence (read: total Benefit Gimme Brow Dupe) to gather dust in my everyday makeup drawer. *I'm serious, I really need to make sure to clean out that drawer.*

After trying a multitude of pencils, gels and brow kits, I don't think I have ever used just one product on my brows - since the queen that is Cara Delevingne came onto the scene anyhow. Sidenote: who else is super excited for Suicide Squad? Whether it's wax and powder or gel and pencil, I could never find the right mix in a single product.

But with it's conveniently angled, soft tip which had a thin tip for filling in and a fatter base for shaping your brows, and a magical formula with just the right amount of pigment and hold; I just can't seem to reach for anything else but Benefit's Goof Proof Pencil

 have nothing else to say except - if you love your brows you really should treat them to one of these. What brow products have you been loving lately? Extra points if the come in auburn!

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