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Blogging | 3 Easy Tips to Improve your Blog Photos

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From one blogger to another, here's three easy tips you can use  today to improve your blog photos - right now. Even if all you have is a trusty iPhone. a.k.a the photography tips I wish someone had told me back when I started blogging...

Don't be sad, get app-y.

Cheesy but true. A fancy computer paired with a ton of even fancier editing software is every bloggers dream - Nope? Just me then? But it's also totally not necessary. I have spent hours lost in the App Store downloading photo editing app after editing app on a one-woman quest to improve my Instagram feed so I know they're out there. Want to see what my favourite is and learn a few of my favourite Insta hacks? Read this post. You can always use them for your blog photos too!

Stop what you're doing. Go to your nearest hardware store and spend the best £4 you ever will on your blog.

Yep. You read right - the hardware store. There you will find the greatest selection of floor tiles known to man - and consequently a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to blogging backgrounds. I have never been so excited to stand in a freezing old warehouse. And when the cashier asks you if you've got a lot of decision making to do? Just smile and nod. It's easier than explaining - trust me.

Manual is labour.

If you're terrified of using the manual setting on your camera or can't find the time to learn - Canon has a great way of cheating the same look and feel in your images. Flip your camera wheel to 'CA' - also known as Creative Auto and have fun flipping through he various presents. You can make your images more vivid, warmer or cooler to match your lighting. Or, my personal favourite, brighter. It's practically instant Photoshop.

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