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Brushes | Artis Oval Brush Dupes

Like the Beauty Blender before it, this Artis-Inspired Oval Brush Dupe (larger, left) - read: straight up dupe - has changed the way I put on makeup- quite possibly for good.

Whilst it may lack the shiny metal, sleek design and - most importantly - price tag of the original oval brushes (Artis, MAC) the bristles are the most densely packed I have ever used and leave even my dry, dull and blemish prone skin looking flawlessly blended each and every day. Using a dewy drugstore foundation foundation (currently Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation mixed with a few drops of GOSH Foundation Drops) I achieve a healthy looking, skin-like finish that is never cakey or clingy around my drier areas of skin. It's practically witchcraft.

Additionally application process is infinitely more pleasing than my go-to stippling brush with the goal being to swipe rather than to buff the foundation across the skin. And, I've often found myself reaching for it throughout the day to refresh any makeup slips in my oily zones - which, may sounds totally unappealing to those of you who haven't experienced crazy levels of combination skin. It totally freshens up my makeup! (Note: I don't set my foundation with powder due to my dry patches).

The smaller of the Artis-Inspired Oval Brush Dupes I purchased (right), doesn't come with the same glowing recommendation. Originally purchased  as an under concealer brush, I found it hard and streaky to use around the eyes. Plus the coverage wasn't quite good enough to cover my late night blogging bags; though I can imagine it behind the one to blend out a cream contour worthy of Kim K.

I know these kind of Oval Brushes are hella hyped right now - please see paragraph one through three - and imo rightly so. I'd definitely recommend them for several times their price - just maybe not quite as much as the Artis set that start at £28 per brush over at Space NK *faints*.

Have you tried out any of the Oval Brush Dupes?
Or maybe you've been lucky enough to splash out on the real thing?

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