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Blogging | Goodbye Rambling of a Beauty Blogger!

After four years of blogging it's time to say goodbye to Rambling of a Beauty Blogger and hello to CharleyLucy!

Rebranding my blog was a decision that took months of consideration, hours pouring over tutorials - and 10 minutes of actual work. It was a change I knew it was coming from the moment I was stood on stage at the #HUUMediaExpo in the March talking about the importance of building a brand on a strong blog name; only to realise that back in 2012 I hadn't done that. I hadn't researched, hadn't thought or brainstormed - and had ultimately come up with my blog name in less than 10 minutes on rainy afternoon.

Whilst I'm always going to have a special place in my heart for Rambling of a Beauty Blogger  - despite how often it was mis-pluralised - in the end I found it to be too limiting, childish and quite frankly out dated for the direction I wanted my blog to go. I am more than just my makeup storage and I want to open up my blog to new topics, new possibilities and break free of the beauty restraints. My only regret is being unable to take my DA with me.

Have you ever thought about changing your blog name? Did you go through with it?

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