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Homeware | Monochrome Catchall

Most days, my desk is one gigantic catchall. But on the rare occasion that I like to appear somewhat tidy and organised, this little monochrome print plate comes in rather handy. It usually houses the things I tend to reach for bar my glasses, phone and keys that live in a standing organiser just a few centimetres away - that is, when you're not hidden in jacket pockets or hiding somewhere in the middle of the space I like to use as a floordrobe....

These are the things that I would reach for during a hard days blogging or whilst I'm elbow deep in a project: a candle or - more likely - cup of green tea on the cutest constellations coaster in the world, Lush's Dream Cream that soothes both the hands and the mind with its refreshing herbal scent, a couple of rings because, - if I'm entirely honest - they get in the way when it comes to coding or answering the inbox and a cactus. Just because I love the way the pop of green really brightens up the corner of my desk.

What's on your catchall?

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