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Fashion | Festival Season

Unless you've been living under a rock or piles, and piles of revision (it happens...) you'll have caught some of the incessant stream of perfectly put together, hippy-vibed ensembles of Cochella. Usually tipped off with all kinds of paisley and fringing - with a surprising lack of body paint this year. What's that all about?

Meanwhile, in sunny England in between reaching to tug my blanket around my shoulder a little more or running to the window to check the blog lighting status, I did some perusing of what the high street has to offer in terms of festival fashion...

This New Look Black Tribal Print Strappy Playsuit

If the fit is right, this playsuit could look absolutely flawless as a standalone outfit. The cut is effortless chic and the black panelling really synchs in the waist - giving anyone the illusion of the coveted hourglass figure. Plus, the monochrome patterned print would work surprisingly well when transitioning into the colder months.

The Entire H&M Loves Cochella Collection

Because the girl in me adores the fashion and the geek in me can't get enough of their mind-blowing web-design. How could I possibly go back to shopping on boring old white sites now?

The - constantly out of stock - Quay Australia X Shay Vesper Cat Eye Sunglasses

They're black - which accounts for the reasoning behind at least half of my wardrobe and accessories -, statement, by the queen that is Shay Mitchell and come in the cutest gold pouch emblazoned with the slogan "Where will you shine?". What's not to love bar their constantly out-of-stock status on ASOS? *Sighh*

Blowfish Granola Flat Sandals

With the aforementioned black comment in mind, I was a little surprised when these Blowfish Granola Flat Sandals jumped out at me online - probably something to do with my deep love of their namesake, the breakfast food. Whilst they're not something I would wear everyday, I can really see these shine paired with your most distressed denim shorts, the girliest kimono on the rack and a band tee. Brb, whilst I go note down that outfit for the one day of sunshine we may have this year.

What festival fashion have you been eyeing recently?

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