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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Hull | Fashion Week 2016: Catwalk Finale

Hull Fashion Week: Catwalk Finale 2016

This weekend I attended my third annual Hull Fashion Week Catwalk Finale with a few of my blogger pals: Lewis-Duncan Weedon (celebrity stylist, MUA, presenter & blogger at LDW Blonde at the Heart), Jenny (Curious Alice Loves) and Alex (Champagne and Lemonade ox) - plus a new face, the lovely Hannah (Hull Style).

It was definitely a different, more relaxed, vibe from the previous events (20142015) - being held in the coldest of marquees on a sunny/rainy/cloudy April afternoon, as opposed to the cushy and power-socket filled Bloggers Hub at City Hall we'd been spoilt with in previous years. Serious props to the models for leaving with all fingers and toes in tact, by the way...

But, in all the ways that this Catwalk Finale was different, it still managed to capture the essence of the quirky and vintage Hull fashion scene with an expanse of highstreet, independent and high-end retail fashion. Watch my experience of the culmination of a week full of fashion-filled events showcasing what this understated little city has to offer.


Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Fashion | Festival Season

Unless you've been living under a rock or piles, and piles of revision (it happens...) you'll have caught some of the incessant stream of perfectly put together, hippy-vibed ensembles of Cochella. Usually tipped off with all kinds of paisley and fringing - with a surprising lack of body paint this year. What's that all about?

Meanwhile, in sunny England in between reaching to tug my blanket around my shoulder a little more or running to the window to check the blog lighting status, I did some perusing of what the high street has to offer in terms of festival fashion...

This New Look Black Tribal Print Strappy Playsuit

If the fit is right, this playsuit could look absolutely flawless as a standalone outfit. The cut is effortless chic and the black panelling really synchs in the waist - giving anyone the illusion of the coveted hourglass figure. Plus, the monochrome patterned print would work surprisingly well when transitioning into the colder months.

The Entire H&M Loves Cochella Collection

Because the girl in me adores the fashion and the geek in me can't get enough of their mind-blowing web-design. How could I possibly go back to shopping on boring old white sites now?

The - constantly out of stock - Quay Australia X Shay Vesper Cat Eye Sunglasses

They're black - which accounts for the reasoning behind at least half of my wardrobe and accessories -, statement, by the queen that is Shay Mitchell and come in the cutest gold pouch emblazoned with the slogan "Where will you shine?". What's not to love bar their constantly out-of-stock status on ASOS? *Sighh*

Blowfish Granola Flat Sandals

With the aforementioned black comment in mind, I was a little surprised when these Blowfish Granola Flat Sandals jumped out at me online - probably something to do with my deep love of their namesake, the breakfast food. Whilst they're not something I would wear everyday, I can really see these shine paired with your most distressed denim shorts, the girliest kimono on the rack and a band tee. Brb, whilst I go note down that outfit for the one day of sunshine we may have this year.

What festival fashion have you been eyeing recently?


Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Primark | P.S Geometric Design Nails for Spring

Primark PS Love Deasign Nails False Spring Glitter Bright Geometric Peach Mint
Primark PS Love Deasign Nails False Spring Glitter Bright Geometric Peach Mint

It's no secret that Primark have a strong nail game.

It's something I gush about almost every week - and certainly at every blogger meet, ain't nobody got the time for fancy nail art. I'm all for the no-fuss 4 day long applications, the cheap and cheerful switching up and the steady stream of compliments from those style-savvy enough to appreciate them. Although, whilst I could continue to let them think I'm a nail aficionado, I cave each and everytime and tell them who's really responsible.

These flawless pastel nails feature pops of mint and peach set in a geometric style and framed with glitter. Could they be any more on trend right now? *cue inner Chandler Bing*. They are the literal nail embodiment of spring and I think I need to go buy a back up. And also maybe a backup of my backup...

Have you tried any of the PS... at Primark nails yet?


Monday, 4 April 2016

Homeware | Monochrome Catchall

Most days, my desk is one gigantic catchall. But on the rare occasion that I like to appear somewhat tidy and organised, this little monochrome print plate comes in rather handy. It usually houses the things I tend to reach for bar my glasses, phone and keys that live in a standing organiser just a few centimetres away - that is, when you're not hidden in jacket pockets or hiding somewhere in the middle of the space I like to use as a floordrobe....

These are the things that I would reach for during a hard days blogging or whilst I'm elbow deep in a project: a candle or - more likely - cup of green tea on the cutest constellations coaster in the world, Lush's Dream Cream that soothes both the hands and the mind with its refreshing herbal scent, a couple of rings because, - if I'm entirely honest - they get in the way when it comes to coding or answering the inbox and a cactus. Just because I love the way the pop of green really brightens up the corner of my desk.

What's on your catchall?


Sunday, 3 April 2016

Nspa | Skincare Treats: Mud Mask & Facial Oil

nspa Skin Glow Mud Mask Step 2 Exfoliate, nspa Deep Hydration Facial Oil Step 3 Treat

Skincare has never been one of my top priorities, I'm vastly more interested in the pretty products that go on top - cue angry mob of #bbloggers. But, a spot of late night shopping later, and this week's Sunday night pamper routine just became infinitely more interesting thanks to a couple of affordable skincare treats by nspa.

nspa: Skin Glow Mud Mask

nspa's Skin Glow Mud Mask promises to unblock pores and purify and clear skin with the help of pore-refining ingredients such as Clay and Charcoal to draw out impurities and nourishing Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to increase the level of antioxidants in the skin - keeping it looking young and radiant whilst protecting against pollution. And, as I'm running out of my Quick-Fix Facials Anti-Blemish Mud Mask, I thought I'd pick it up to test out.

In short, you had me at charcoal. I don't think I've found an ingredient that my skin loves more - I swear by in sponges and cleansers to clean out your pores to leave your skin looking refined and - almost - breakout-free. It's definitely something you need  to make part of your routine if you suffer from breakouts or oily or congested skin.

nspa: Deep Hydration Face Oil

Face oils are the newest craze in skincare. They're light, leave a dewy glow and are a great way of giving your skin what it needs with minimal effort. But they can come with a hefty price tag - so it's great to see them trickling down into the highstreet.

This Deep Hydration Face Oil reminds me of my current go-to, the Ainy Skincare Un Sone d'Ol, that I was lucky enough to receive in My Little Box subscription; with the a hearty, amber-like scent - that my body has started to associate with winding down for the night - almost identical.

My initial thoughts are that it's non-greasy - always a plus for the pillows - and leaves my dry skin feeling lightly nourished. Additionally, the simple instructions and eyedropper make a great addition for those that are new to the world of facial oils.

What skincare treats have you been picking up lately?

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