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Zoeva | Cocoa Blend Palette

Zoeva Coco Blend Palette Eyeshadow Beauty Makeup Eyeshadow Neutral Red Matte Shimmer
Zoeva Coco Blend Palette Eyeshadow Beauty Makeup Eyeshadow Neutral Red Matte Shimmer

How dreamy is this Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette? With just the right mix of creamy, everyday mattes and buttery, wearable pops of colour.

I'd like to start this post by giving a little shoutout to my newest obsession: Beauty Bay for delivering my late-night order the very next day - my mid-week self appreciates this very much. So, at least when I'm running around stuffing mouthfuls of overnight oats into my mouth tomorrow morning, half dressed, chiding myself for spending far too long in the mirror - I can be safe in the knowledge that my eyeshadow looks flawless. 

This was one of those palettes that I needed. Over the summer months I became captivated by the deep reds of festival-ready shadow and basically spent the latter-half of last year buying up each and every shade I could find.  So, perhaps you can understand just how crazy I went over the shade Warm Notes - do I really have to point this one out? - it practically pops right out of the palette! The shimmery shadow is a very similar hue to MAC'S Cranberry with a touch more magenta duo-chrome that you can either wear blended into the crease as a subtle hint of colour or all over the lid.

The shade Pure Ganache is another favourite - it's one of those timeless golds like Half-Baked (Urban Decay) or Amber Lights (MAC) that looks stunning of every skintone. By now, I must own at least 27 of these kind of shades hidden away in various palettes - but I just can't stop being drawn to them. 

The last shade I want to specially mention is Freshly Toasted - that burnt sienna you see mid-bottom row - quite simply I love it. I love it. I love it. It's like someone invented my perfect transition/crease shade that compliments my eyes and matches my hair down to a T.

As my first try of the Zoeva line - yes, brushes included *shock, horror* - I'm very impressed and can't wait to add a couple more of these to my collection - *eyes the Warm Spectrum Eyeshaodw Palette eagerly*. Let me know what you've tried from Zoeva in the comments below!

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