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H&M | Black Marble iPhone Case

I know it's cliche - read: totally on trend rn - but this edgy, cracked H&M Black Marble Phone Case is my new favourite accessory. It's just so Tumblr.

As someone who is known for her chunky phone cases - see this Savfy Battery Case and this National Breast Cancer Foundation Utility Case* - it's been a while since I've bought a phone case just because it looked flawless. Mostly, because the inner voice inside my head keeps reminding me just how many glass screen protectors I have gone through already this year...

The inverted colour scheme gives it a grunge twist which fits my day-to-day style so much more than the chic white marble trend that is still sweeping the bloggersphere - are we over this yet? Although I can't help but wonder just how many pieces my screen will shatter into the next time my phone flies out of my dungarees or takes a dive for the driveway #adultproblems...

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