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Glasses | The Hoboken Cat Eye

After five long years together, I have finally retired my rectangular spectacles in favour of these hugely hipster Hoboken Cat Eyes  - in both black and red, naturally - from Glasses Shop.

I normally tend to stray away from buying 'trendy' pieces when it comes to long term wear - flashback to my mother telling me a thousand times that I shouldn't buy the latest toy, gadget or accessory I was interested in in the flashiest colour they made. But for thirty-ish pounds for the pair - the pair - how could I say no? If I get bored - or more likely sit on, lose, scratch or misplace - I can just buy another pair.

Whilst larger than expected, they've certainly grown on me and I can't argue that it's a nice perk to see the world in full twenty-twenty again. Also, before you ask, you can shop this exquisite Black Cracked Marble iPhone 6 Case here - you're welcome.

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