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Beauty | New at the Drugstore Haul

Okay, I caved. I hauled. I don't remember why I stopped hauling in the first place - I just found myself nipping in and out for the same old thing - it feels like an age since I have had a handful of new products to play with.

Rimmel Sculpting Kit // Golden Bronze

Rimmel's stunning 3-in-one palette reminds me very much of my Sleek Face Form Kit (Light) that comes absolutely everywhere with me when I travel. But, I didn't think I truly needed it until I swatched it in store. As with all new releases, everyone else got their first and I was left with the varied selection of the darkest shade Golden Bronze or Golden Bronze featuring fingerprints. Two swatches and a triple check I'd picked up the right one later and I didn't care how the terrifying deep brown contour would look on my skin. I needed that wet-look golden highlight and the candlelit blush - think NARS Orgasm. And the coppery, geometric print wasn't doing much to convince me to otherwise.

Barry M Flawless Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit // Light

In the same vain - or what I prefer to call the drugstore's second round of killer contour kits - I purchased the Barry M Flawless Chisel Cheeks. Sure I'd seen it around on a few blogs but this was another scenario in which swatching tipped me to purchase. Although I do think I'll be using the 'highlight' as more of a setting powder - pale people, are you with me on this? - the warm and ashy contour shades swatch matte, finely milled and - as far  as the back of my hand can tell - seem extremely blendable.

*Segway into the irrelevant: I'm also noticing a dip in the amount of drugstore palettes - whether face or eye - featuring mirrors...*

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer // Ivory

A pleasant, dewy alternative to the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. Whilst it offers a hair less coverage it's much more forgiving on those of us with dry skin. I've actually been testing this out over a couple of weeks after the aforementioned holy grail concealer continually being out of stock.

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour // Passion

I'm having a matte moment - said me, around three or so years ago. I have yet to come out of it. I'm extremely hyped to see liquid lipstick making their way from the indie brands to the high street and adore what Revlon have done to re-work their cylindrical lip packaging. The colour is that perfect shade of Diva red, I love to wear but I can't help being more than little skeptical after completing my shop, and a full meal, with the swatch still slick and glossy on the back of my hand...

What makeup purchases have you made recently?

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