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Skincare | Winter Morning Routine

Skincare Routine Dry Skin Primer Hydrate Hydration Moisturise Winter Routine Nivea Bee Good

As I have a nice combination of immensely oily and flakey dry zones at the moment - my skin likes to keep me on my toes - I generally concentrate the majority of my routine in the PM - cleansing exfoliating, using my Konjac Sponge* - a total lifesaver! -, applying liberal amounts of moisturiser and tiny drops of oil from various pipettes.

Meaning that, in the AM, I can wake up with minimal time to get an outfit together, dress correctly, eat whatever carb-filled breakfast I have in and dash out the door with as much of an effort on my face as I can muster at 8am. I need products that work, are quickly absorbed and help keep my dry zones hydrated and don't exacerbate my oily zones. Nightmare.

Bee Good's Hydrate, Smooth & Prime Serum* does exactly what it says on the tin. Two pumps and I can practically feel my skin being quenched. It's glorious. By the time I've reached for my Nivea Post Shave Balm - yes, you did read that correctly - it's practically melted into my skin.

Onto this bizarre second product, it's a causing a bit of a stir in the Youtube beauty community with it's uncanny ability to prime the skin with it's serum-like texture. After watching Kathleen Light's review video, I knew I'd end up purchasing it simply for the fact that Kathleen had recommended it. I can't pinpoint exactly how it does it or exactly what it is, it just works and my base makeup stays in place throughout the day.

Let me know what your winter skincare favourites are in the comments!

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