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Beauty | This £2 Matte Palette is Perfection

The title says it all. This warm-toned, matte palette spells perfection for both the crease and the beauty budget! Interested yet?

Naturally, I purchased it for that eye-catching rust-red in the centre of the palette and have been wearing it as a crease shade for just about every day since. But, enough about that. What you're dying to know is how long it lasts right? Because what's the point wasting £2 on an eyeshadow palette if the pigment pretty much non-existent when you might as well just save for the next Naked Palette? Because obviously for £2 it will be... Well, be prepared for a shock.

On my oily eyelids, as a transition shade (see I'm not trying to trick you...) it lasts all day. All day. An eight hour, coffee- filled stint in the office. Impressed yet? The ashy toned brows also make really good brow shades in a pinch, though  I've worked my way through a fair number of shadow, I can't comment on the entire palette - yet - but for the price, I don't think I'll be complaining anytime soon!

I do love a good eBay find - don't you?

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