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Beauty | Rimmel do we Really Only need 1 Lipstick?

Let's talk about the lip revolution. When Rimmel released their new line of 'The Only 1' lipstick (you'll ever need). I was adamant I was not buying into the hype. This coming from a Rimmel lip fanatic. Their Kate line is legendary in the beauty bloggers community - read: 107 - and their Moisture Renew line boasts more than a few MAC dupes. But there is no way they could back up the claim that you only need one line of lipsticks. Could they?

I'll admit I was sucked in one payday weekend by the vamped up packaging and ten minutes later ended up walking away with a version of my go-to wine - ironically called 'One-of-a-Kind' - and a vibrant and sassy orange with the rather apt name 'Call Me Crazy' - because, reasons.

Another 10 minutes later and I was hungrily eyeing up the two in my bedroom mirror debating which one would go better with the 0 plans I had that day. One of a Kind won out. One swipe and my lips were smothered in such a lustrous and pigmented sheen it had me worried that I'd skipped the lip liner. Confident that it wouldn't make it through a cup of tea without bleeding - the ultimate Brit test - my smile faded when I looked in the mirror.

Whilst my mug was indeed covered in kisses, my lipstick was holding strong in all its mattified glory. Fast forward a few weeks and One of a Kind lives in my work bag - pleather rucksack - maybe even a little more than MAC Diva.

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